Video: Nancy Grace Puts Jon Gosselin In His Place

Check oput this video of nancy Grace going off on Jon Gosselin and his selfishness. Wow. I agree with Nancy Grace? I must be getting sick.

What do you guys think?-Dr.FB

Comments (3)
  1. Wow she’s one nasty rottweiler bitch, she was snarling but if what she said had any impact on him, it’s got to be a good thing. LMAO how she was berating the lawyer!

  2. I can’t stand Nancy Grace, but I agree with what she said and glad she shut that man down.

  3. DAYUM!!!! Nancy Grace shut Jon Gosselin DOWN!!! That was hot and I totally agree with everything Nancy said to Jon. It was great to see him get stumped by that last question. He needs to grow up, no question about it.

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