Gary Coleman Brings The Crazy! Video~

Gary Coleman was on "The Insider" yesterday and things got crazy when defending abusing his wife. He told one of the female hosts "to go f*** themselves" and things went crazy from there as Gary stormed off the set.

Check out the clip above and let me know what you think. Did she provoke him?-Dr.FB

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  1. And that therepist, what an arsehole! ‘he needs medication’

  2. What a nosey bitch! She was the ignorant one there, I thought Gary held it together well, most men wouldn’t in same position

  3. Yeah… just get a lawyer that’s going to be on their side, and not Gary’s. Pa-fuck-in-thetic! That Insider chick is the definition of a CUNT.

  4. That show The insider is all about provoking people. That is why Star Jones cussed them out. Gary has anger issues and they knew he was going to go off. She provoked him. Gloria Allred & her daughter love controversial subjects. They live off of it. Poor Gary fell for it. Hopefully they payed him with a fat pay check for coming. She needed to be cussed out. He should have slapped her.

    I saw Gary in a bank a while ago. I wanted to say something to him.But he seem like he didn’t want to be bothered. Then I went outside he just happen to be parked right next to me..

  5. It’s clear that she was provoking him. He kept on saying that there wasn’t any abuse in his house which to me says that he was saying no he didn’t abuse his wife. That lawyer was grilling him like he was on the stand in a courtroom. If that was me, I probably would have spat in her face behind all of that and then told them all to fuck off. That lawyer was in the wrong.

  6. LOL! That would have been funny if he took a swing at her at fight broke out on set…..LOL……I cant stop laughing!!!!!!

    My money is on Gary…….that little dude looks possessed, yikes!!

  7. OH PUH LEASE!!! i would have smacked her if she did that to me!! what a bitch : she was truying to provoke him! hell yeah she wanted 2 get him angree anyway she could!
    this is journalism at it s lowest!!
    If u wanna know if he abused his wife : ask his wife and not him! there’s always 2 sides 2 a story. and come on abuse:.. a short guy like that; u just kick it and it is gone..

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