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Steve Carell Wants To Play The Bad Guy

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Steve Carell’s new movie “Crazy Stupid Love” opens Friday and with it, he left “The Office” which he feels,  and would like to try, new challenges for the actor. In an interview with GQ magazine, Steve talks about playing dark roles.  “Someday I’d like to play a character that is maybe not so redeemable, maybe […]

Video: “The Office” Wedding Of Jim & Pam

In case you missed “The Office” Wedding of Jim & Pam, here is the highlight of the wedding dance, which was taken from the Minnesota (Minnesohta) couple earlier this summer and was posted here before. Enjoy both and let me know what you think. I know Chris Brown is thanking both for keeping his career […]

The Office’s John Krasinski Engaged

Well, since Pam is getting married in real life, it only seems fair that Jim will be getting married too. John Krasinski is engaged to actress Emily Blunt who he has been dating for about 8 months.  Emily blunt was dating singer Michael Buble til they broke up last November.  They kept their relationship on […]

Video: New “The Goods” Trailer

Here is the trailer for “The Goods: Live Hard. Sell Hard” with Jeremy Piven and it looks pretty funny. It has Ed Helms from the “The Hangover” and even the GAsian from “The Hangover” as well, Dr. Chen. Ving Rhames (where the heck has he been is even in it.) The trailer starts with that […]