Win Tickets To See Nikka Costa At Brixton Bay!

Nikka Costa Photo: Allstarpics.com
Nikka Costa Photo: Allstarpics.com

Nikka Costa Photo: Allstarpics.com

We are giving you a chance to win tickets to see Nikka Costa perform live tonight at Brixton Bay in Redondo Beach, California.

If you have never seen Nikka live before, are you in for a treat! She is a dynamic firecracker and in this club setting, it will be hot and intimate. Just how we like it.

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AEG Covered For MJ’s Overdose + MY Thoughts On Ticket Situation For Memorial



If Michael Jackson would have died from natural causes, AEG would be more screwed than Jenna Jameson back in the 90's. Lucky for them, he died of a drug overdose, which is covered. A death of natural causes, not so much.

The insurance policy, which was taken out, covered them for $17.5 Million dollars. Randy Phillips wants to let us know that the policy will still fall short on money already spent on things such as Micheal's advance pay, producing the show, paying some of MJ's debts, along with staff and rent, which is said to be around $30 million dollars.  

It's hard to feel sorry for a company like AEG, who is taking a hit from this, from myself and others. The o2 Arena being empty is killing them.  One thing though; just be honest.  If you want to charge $25.00 for a memorial service, just be real and say this:

 "Look, we dropped a lot of money into this and we are really in the red.  We do not want to charge for the service, but we have to.  We also will be selling t-shirts that would have been sold at the o2 Arena shows to recoup some of that money and pass the shirts on to the fans. We regret having to do this in these economic times, but we had to. We appreciate your understanding in this situation and thank you for your support."

Now, if they came at us like that, people would understand and then you wouldn't have had to quickly turn around and have a PR nightmare where you have to now "give away" 11,000 tickets.  Be honest and be real, and you will be respected.  Peace.-Dr.FB


Lenny Kravitz Has A Day Off

Lenny Kravitz Filming Lenny Kravitz.  Photo: LK Via Twitter
Lenny Kravitz Filming Lenny Kravitz.  Photo: LK Via Twitter

Lenny Kravitz Filming Lenny Kravitz. Photo: LK Via Twitter

Lenny Kravitz has a rare day off while in Portugal today. So how did he spend his time? 

By taking photos of himself in an elevator with a mirror in it.  Love those kind of shots.  The black n white photos he uses also have that good road quality, like you are taking the journey with him, which we think was the idea in the first place. 

BTW, Lenny has been giving away tickets to his tour via his Twitter page:

Twitter.com/LennyKravitz Follow him. 

Twitter.com/Drfunkenberry Follow me. I may not be giving away tickets to LK but I am still fun.-Dr.FB


The Prince Leno Giveaway Question Is…

Including the 3 appearances this week and the one upcoming on May 28th, how many times will Prince have appeared on the Tonight Show w/Jay Leno?

The winner with the correct answer will be picked randomly. One email address per entry or you will be disqualified.-Dr.FB

UPDATE contest closed. Winner has been contacted. Correct answer was 10. Thank you for playing.

Lotusflow3r.com will be giving away a handful of tickets shortly.

The winner was Krystina P. from Redondo Beach (had to re-contact and make sure it was OK to list her name.) I picked the 77th email sent in and the answer was correct.-Dr.FB