Chris Brown Releases New Song “I Can’t Win”; Won’t Be On New Album

Chris Brown Fine China Video Still

"I Can't Win" is a new song by Chris Brown and for the past few years, it could be his mantra.

Contrary to what you are thinking, it is about him chasing a girl, and not the media coverage he gets.

The new song will not be on his forthcoming album but Chris states it was some stuff he wanted to write and put out.

I know I am going to get flack for this but I like this Chris Brown song as well. I can't help it.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Funk It...


New Unreleased Jennifer Lopez “What Is Love (Part II) Leaks! Listen Now!

Jennifer Lopez Photo: Harpers Bazaar

"What Is Love (Part II) from Jennifer Lopez" sampling The Temptations "War (What Is It Good For?) replacing "War" with "Love" has been leaked. The song was due for release in 2009 and is unreleased.

She mentions her divorce to Marc Anthony in the song singing "I had a ring on it, but I had to take it off / I wasn’t nearly getting a love that I deserved.”

I must say there is a reason that this song is unreleased...and perhaps it should still be.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Love & War


Video Premiere: The Rolling Stones “Following The River”

The Rolling Stones have released a new video for "Following The River" for "Exile On Mainstreet" which has been remastered and is in stores now.

"River" is one of 10 previously unreleased Stones tracks featured on the CD.

Regarded as one of the greatest albums in rock 'n' roll history and one of the most defining of the Stones' catalogue, Exile On Main Street is now available in the following formats:
2-CD+DVD+2-LP Super Deluxe Package - The incredible Exile On Main Street Super Deluxe box set includes the re-released album on CD and with a bonus disc of 10 never-released tracks produced by Jimmy Miller, The Glimmer Twins and Don Was, a 64 page clothbound collector's hardback book with photos from the Exile era, the double vinyl album in triple gatefold sleeve, a set of 4 postcards in an envelope and a DVD containing excerpts from the documentary Stones In Exile, the legendary Cocksucker Blues (filmed on the Stones 1972 tour of Exile) and Ladies and Gentlemen...The Rolling Stones. This limited edition box set is individually numbered and only available while supplies last.
2-CD Deluxe Edition - Original 18-track release and 10 special bonus tracks.
CD - Remaster of the original 18-track release.
2-LP - Original 18-track album on two 180-gram heavyweight audiophile vinyl LPs in gatefold sleeve.

Anyone getting these?  Let me know what you think of the video.-Dr.FB


Lenny Kravitz Comments On Michael Jackson Leaked Track

Lenny Kravitz released this video talking about the leaked Michael Jackson duet entitled "Another Day" and it seems by the way lenny is talking, he wants it out the way it was intended to be and not that minute snippet with the DJ/Rapper talking over it on the mix tape.

He seems calm but obviously upset and wonders how it got out. Perhaps soon, we will hear it in it's entirety.-Dr.FB


Unreleased Michael Jackson Song With Lenny Kravitz(?) Leaks

An unreleased Michael Jackson song has hit the web and it is said to be a duet with Lenny Kravitz.  According to TMZ,  Lenny said it was "the most amazing experience I've had in the studio."   The verse seems to be taken from another Lenny song entitled "Storm" that was recorded previously.

Hopefully, Lenny can shed some light on this for us soon.  For now, enjoy the unreleased Michael Jackson track that may or may not be a duet with Lenny Kravitz.-Dr.FB