Lenny Kravitz Comments On Michael Jackson Leaked Track

Lenny Kravitz released this video talking about the leaked Michael Jackson duet entitled "Another Day" and it seems by the way lenny is talking, he wants it out the way it was intended to be and not that minute snippet with the DJ/Rapper talking over it on the mix tape.

He seems calm but obviously upset and wonders how it got out. Perhaps soon, we will hear it in it's entirety.-Dr.FB

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  1. Lenny maybe he needs to chill and recall a time when he provided music and lyrics to Madonna as his, however the lyrics were Ingrid Chavez’s and made the charts …not cool Lenny.

  2. From Lenny’s lips to the Universe’s ears.

    Queue Morris Day & The Time… “REH-LEEEASSSE-EHH-EHH-IT!”

    Thanks, Doc! 😉

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