Abtastic! Usher Shows off His Shirtless Boxing Skills For Men’s Health

Usher Photo: Men'sHealth

Usher is letting you know he still has those abs and he is not afraid to show them off in the latest issue of Men's Health!

Usher Photo: Men's Health

He used to brag about having that D'Angelo cut below the abs and that he still has them.-DocFB

Diagnosis: SO......who wants to go one on one with Usher?

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Usher Defends Justin Bieber: “He’s Young”

Justin Bieber & Usher Photo: GettyImages.com

Usher appeared on The Ellen Show yesterday to talk about "The Voice" and his protege, Justin Bieber was brought up by Ellen and the headlines Justin has been making, and not all exactly for the right reasons.

"He's young" can only be used for so long. Talented? Very much so. Yes, the camera's are everywhere but when you have YOUR own entourage taking photos of you with blunts, where YOU post photos of you drinking alcohol at the age of 19, along with the countless media coverage and being hounded, it really doesn't help you.

When Usher asks Ellen how would she like to have been filmed all the time when she was a teenager, she would have LOVED it. A lot of people feel that way. Privacy should be respected but when YOU are putting it out there, it doesn't help.

I can understand the break-up in the public eye and how hard it is. The driving fast all the time in Los Angeles where it puts others in danger on the freeway and in your own community, needs to stop.

When the focus is only put on the music, then we can talk. Yet, his last album did not sell well. So, maybe you put these things out and you let people know where he will be to keep him talked about and not talk about how poor the album sales are, right? Seems to be working.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Young can only be an excuse for so long....


Christina Aguilera Returning To “The Voice”; Usher & Shakira Are Out

Christina Aguilera Photo: GettyImages.com

Christina Aguilera is returning to "The Voice" as Shakira and Usher will not be returning to the show.

Although ratings have been down slightly, Shakira and Usher will not be returning. Shakira's reason is to spend time with her newborn child and Usher's is that he will be working on a movie.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will be joining Christina. Also, there is word that Cee Lo Green will be back as well.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Bad news for X Factor & Idol....


Justin Bieber & Usher Sued For Copyright Infringement

Usher & Justin Bieber Photo: Billboard.com

Justin Bieber and Usher are being sued for $10 million dollars for copyright infringement.

Devin Copeland aka Del Rico and songwriter Mareio Overton filed a lawsuit against Bieber and his mentor Usher for $10 million.

It is for the song "Someone To Love" which Copeland wrote a song with the same title back in 2008. Copeland says there are too many similarities between his version and Justin's so he sued.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Just not Justin's week....


“The Voice” Releases Promo Photos Of Usher & Shakira As They Replace Xtina & Cee Lo

Usher Photo: NBC

NBC have unveiled the first promo photos of Usher & Shakira for "The Voice" as they replace former judges Christina Aguilera & Cee Lo Green.

They will make their debut on March 26th as Season 4 of "The Voice" begins.

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will both be remaining on the show.

Shakira Photo: NBC.com

Shelton spoke of Shakira and Usher become judges on the hit show;

"The dynamic has changed for sure. It's really fun."

Usher stated he brought out "Shelton's Inner MC Hammer". Um...OK then!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Please Blake, Don't hurt em!


The Voice Returning To NBC For At Least 2 More Runs & With 2 New Judges

It looks like "The Voice" doing runs, one in the fall and one in the spring, has not hurt the show at all as NBC announced at least 2 more runs for the hit reality singing show.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will be staying on and the 2 new judges will be Usher and Shakira. Ceelo already announced he is leaving the show. Christina Aguilera has never confirmed or denied she is leaving the show.

If I'm Simon Cowell, he may just want to make a play for Xtina as The Voice so far has been dominating his own "X Factor" show.-DocFB


Usher Goes Shirtless Again In New Video “Dive” Watch Now!

We are sure Usher fans will...."Dive" right into the new video by the R&B veteran. "Dive" features water and a shirtless Usher.

Usher is trying to add LL Cool J's lip-licking to repertoire.

We cannot deny, the video is rather hot. The sexual innuendo at times though....it goes back and forth. Is he diving into a relationship or wanting to be inside her when the tide is coming? Hmm.

Check out the video above and "Dive" right in.-DocFB