Usher Defends Justin Bieber: “He’s Young”

Usher appeared on The Ellen Show yesterday to talk about “The Voice” and his protege, Justin Bieber was brought up by Ellen and the headlines Justin has been making, and not all exactly for the right reasons. “He’s young” can only be used for so long. Talented? Very much so. Yes, the camera’s are everywhere […]

Christina Aguilera Returning To “The Voice”; Usher & Shakira Are Out

Christina Aguilera is returning to “The Voice” as Shakira and Usher will not be returning to the show. Although ratings have been down slightly, Shakira and Usher will not be returning. Shakira’s reason is to spend time with her newborn child and Usher’s is that he will be working on a movie. Adam Levine and […]

Justin Bieber & Usher Sued For Copyright Infringement

Justin Bieber and Usher are being sued for $10 million dollars for copyright infringement. Devin Copeland aka Del Rico and songwriter Mareio Overton filed a lawsuit against Bieber and his mentor Usher for $10 million. It is for the song “Someone To Love” which Copeland wrote a song with the same title back in 2008. […]