Nikka Costa Takes Us Into Her Box For A Soundcheck

Nikka Costa brought the funk into her BOX again.  This time jamming on “On & On” in soundcheck. The soundcheck is from the Del Monte Speak Easy, which she played for $10 last friday night and will be playing for the next 2 Friday’s.  We hear each show will have a different set list. Her friend […]

Johnny Depp In A Tux Still Looking Deluxe

Johnny Depp. Photo:

Johnny Depp was caught by some paps while filming “The Tourist” in Venice, Italy yesterday.  The smoking was not part of the movie but him taking a break.  Tsk. Tsk.  I know he could be doing other bad things but still. I am really hoping the whole Johnny being slightly rounder in the face is […]

Johnny Depp Puts On The Jammy Jams

Johnny Depp. Photo:

Johnny Depp, Mr. Man, is in Venice, Italy where he is filming “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie.  No, Angelia did not dare him to get ready to jump in his pj’s but it is actually a scene from the movie.  Speaking of stunts, we hear that Depp stopped a mugger from ripping off his friend […]

Johnny Depp On The Set Of “The Tourist”

Johnny Depp On The Set Of "The Tourist" Photo:

Here is your first look of Johnny Depp on the set of “The Tourist” that co-stars Angelina Jolie.  He shooting on location in Venice, Italy. We should have photos shortly of Johnny and Angelina together soon.  That is one big package of hotness right there.  How much are you looking forward ot this super star […]