LADY GAGA Shooting New Video In West Hollywood Tonight!

Lady Gaga Photo: Twitter.com

Despite what she says, LADY GAGA is shooting a lyric video in West Hollywood tonight for her latest song "Applause" released early due to leaks today.

She was hanging out at The Abbey last night in West Hollywood as well.-DocFB

Diagnosis: These are one of those times when no means yes, when not there mere means I will be there...unless your initials are PH. Then please, by all means stay home!


PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl “FIXURLIFEUP” In San Diego Night 2 Set Lists & Review

PRINCE Photo: Madison Dube NPG RECORDS 2013

PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl took over San Diego Saturday Night for the 2nd night of a 2 night residency at the Hard Rock where they performed an early show and a late show. After the late show, they shot a video for "FIXURLIFEUP" directed by Sanaa Hamri.

The high energy of San Diego was perfect as the entire early show was filmed and the 2nd half of the late show was filmed as well.

3rdEyeGirl opened the early show with "Let's Go Crazy", "Endorphinemachine", "Screwdriver" "She's Always In My Hair" and then went into "Liathach" a cover by Jo Hamilton.

During the performance of "FIXURLIFEUP" a new lyric video for the song was played in the background that featured Hannah & Josh Welton & the 3rdEyeGirl crew getting into a shoving match along with pieces of history. Towards the end of the video flashed several words such as "Love", "Gun Control", "Peace" and ending with "New World Translation" before PRINCE went into "Bambi" which saw him and Donna Grantis play the guitar between their legs. The crowd was eating it up.

After "Bambi" PRINCE asked the crowd to give them a minute to tune up and they will be right back. What looked like was happening is it gave the camera crew time to change out discs from their equipment. When they continued, they played "Sometimes It Snows In April" with PRINCE on guitar.

Prince asked if they can keep the groove right there for a moment as he say behind the keys and went into "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore" followed by a short version of "Adore" and a short version of "Purple Rain" with PRINCE talking about this being strange times in America right now and it is better if everyone is getting along to the same thing. "It is all about music, music, music" PRINCE proclaimed as he got the crowd to join in with him.

For the encore, he was joined by Damaris Lewis for "U Got The Look" along with Van Jones later on, ending the first show with a "Ooh San Diego" chant along with "Ain't nothing like a purple party because a purple party don't stop"...but it just did. Unless you were going to show 2.

PRINCE Photo: Madison Dube NPG RECORDS 2013

PRINCE started off the second show with a "Shhh" to the crowd before playing "Breakdown" with the curtain closed and when the curtain opened, he was behind the boards playing hidden while 3rdEyeGirl was on stage. Phenomenal song. Cannot wait for it to be released. Just like that, the curtain closed. It re-opened a minute later with PRINCE sitting on top of the drum kit, unlike the first show where he started it off by jumping off the left speaker.

After a guitar-shredding version of "Let's Go Crazy", 3rdEyeGirl went into "Let's Go" by The Cars and then "Crimson & Clover". When PRINCE took off his guitar he also signaled for the left of the crowd to take off his jacket. Some reached for his hand first but PRINCE let them know the jacket. The left side came off quick and PRINCE turned for them to take off the right and it seemed to be coming off but also seemed like PRINCE was holding on to it a little bit so it wouldn't come off. When it finally did, PRINCE made sure he was holding on to it and pretended to put it by the speaker but putting it on the other side of the stage, signing "You must think I'm crazy giving you my jacket as a souvenir." That almost happened with his guitar in the first show.

The groove to "Crimson & Clover" and "Wild Thing" was still playing as Ida went into "I'll Take You There" by The Staple Singers. PRINCE was tuning Ida's bass where he had to get some of that groove and asked for Ida's bass as he laid down "I'll Take You There" as well.

PRINCE gave the bass back to Ida and took his place behind the keys for "Nothing Compares 2 U" and I believe he said "It's been 7 hours and 13 years" although it could have been days, I think he said years. Not too big of a deal but noticed it.

He then went into "The Max" which was a longer version than Friday's and he took it to church in the end.

Following "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man", "Guitar" and "Plectrum Electrum" PRINCE played a very long version of "When We're Dancing Close & Slow", really taking his time with it. During the song, he took a towel and gently dabbled Ida's face to take off the sweat and offered it to Donna before taking his place in front of the microphone where it seemed he captivated the audience with the song...and where he would throw the towel. It was to the left front of the stage btw.

PRINCE closed out the set by going into "Bambi" and took a while for the encore. Stating while the curtain was still up" San Diego, I'm going to hurt you. You're gonna make me hurt you. You're gonna be soaking your feet tomorrow. He went into "Nasty Girl" with Damaris Lewis strutting her stuff on stage to a very long sample of the song. Then came a lot of people as PRINCE went into "When Doves Cry", "Hot Thing", "A Love Bizzare", a snippet of "Love" followed by "Housequake", "I Would Die 4 u", "Pop Life", "Shockadelica" with PRINCE singing a few verses before going into "Xtraloveable" with PRINCE proclaiming "How do you like me now?" Well PRINCE, we like you now and "Living Out Loud".

We thought the show was over and was saying my goodbye's as we were then told to get back to the pit area as 3rdEyeGirl wants to shoot a music video. We figured it was for "FIXURLIFEUP" and Sanaa Hamri came out letting us know about the video and to not take any photos. This was done by Damaris Lewis before show 1 and by Hannah Welton before show 2.

PRINCE came out dressed in black wearing the bee keeper shades. The song was lip synced but it was a video. They did it in one take and PRINCE asked if he could play one song for the crowd. After a few moments, they went into "COOL" with PRINCE changing the lyrics to dining in "San Diego" which was to the delight of a few hundred that stayed around to be a part of the video.

I know a few people have been asking me when the video would come out and will it get a proper release. Sanna is so good, I would expect the video along with an iTunes release (Finally!) by the end of May, perhaps even around the Billboard Awards May 19th.

The "Live Out Loud" tour hits Anaheim May 7th & 8th followed by Denver May 12th and 13th before finishing up in Minneapolis May 25th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: FIXURLIFEUP & Be Xtraloveable....

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Scene & Heard: PRINCE Shoots Screwdriver Video; Ocean Won’t Press Charges Against Brown

Hannah Ford Photo: Twitter.com/3rdEyeGirl

Scene & Heard:

PRINCE shot 2 music videos at his Paisley Park Studios Saturday night. One was for his soon to be hit song "Screwdriver" which will be available for download Feb. 4th and the other video was for.....

This marks the 3rd video shot in the past week at Paisley Park with L.O.L. (Living Out Loud) being shot earlier this week. The photo of Hannah Ford is above is from that video shoot.

The video shoot was posted on Facebook and Craigslist looking for extras 18-21 years old only. So if you were older, you just got screwdrivered!

If we have/get more info, we will let you know.

Frank Ocean has decided not to press charges against Chris Brown for attacking him in a recording studio last week over a parking space. The charge could have violated Brown's probation for beating Rihanna and would have given him jail time.

Why is it we never heard of Marvin Gaye getting into it with James Brown over a parking space? Or NSYNC versus Backstreet Boys. Or Christina Aguilera versus Britney? What is it about now. I mean don't get me wrong, if someone tries to take my 2 piece with a biscuit from me, sparks may fly. Seriously though. Stay young but act grown.-DocFB

Diagnosis: A parking spot. Are y'll serious?


Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart On Set Of New Music Video

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart. Photo: Fameflynet.com
Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart. Photo: Fameflynet.com

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart. Photo: Fameflynet.com

Jennifer Lopez is in Acapulco with her boyfriend Casper Smart filming a new music video.

Lopez and Smart looked on while the music played and extras were being filmed. The couple was extremely affectionate during the shoot.

There are rumors that Casper is directing the music video but have not been able to confirm that just yet.-DocFB


Eminem Shooting “Not Afraid” Video In New Jersey

Eminem   Photo: AP Photo/Gary Malerba

Eminem Photo: AP Photo/Gary Malerba

Eminem has been filming "Not Afraid" which is a hot song and is the first single from his Recovery CD due in stores June 22nd. 

The set was not closed so a site caught some video footage of Em standing around and also got some photos of him as well.

For this footage, go HERE.   I seriously cannot wait for the video.-Dr.FB


Adam Lambert On Set For Your Entertainment

Adam Lambert On Set.  Photo: Flynetonline.com
Adam Lambert On Set.  Photo: Flynetonline.com

Adam Lambert On Set. Photo: Flynetonline.com

Adam Lambert was on set yesterday in Los Angeles to film his latest video for the title track of his new CD "For Your Entertainment" and he did it in style.

I am digging the trench coat but I would like it more loose. He can pull it off though.  We hear that Adam was a pure pleasure on set, weather it was extras or the main crew, Adam was always polite and in a good mood, regardless of shoot redo's and stuff. 

We can believe it and we look forward to the new video when it gets released.-Dr.FB


Video: Esquire Footage Of Megan Fox!

Megan Fox Video For Esquire

Here is the video shoot of Megan Fox For Esquire magazine. We told you we would bring it and here it is! I was wondering where my white dress shirt went.