1 Million……..

Dr. Evil File Photo New Line Cinema
Dr. Evil File Photo New Line Cinema

Dr. Evil File Photo New Line Cinema

1 million page views. 1 million. Wow. Drfunkenberry.com has hit 1 million page views on this site. I moved the site and lost the 800,000 plus we had in a short time and I went independent which made it slightly harder to find an audience.

Since Drfunkenberry.com's move, we have had way more up's and downs but you know I pour my heart and soul into this web site, focusing on all things celebrity, music, sports and even sometimes politics.  It means a lot to me. Truly.

We have done in less than 1 year what it took top bloggers (Perez Hilton took almost 5-6 years to be where he is now) to consistently do. I am not TMZ with AOL backing me. I am one man with a vision and with love for what I do. I hope every day we reach at least 10-100 new people and that they continue to keep coming back here.

Along with you, I want to thank others who made this site possible; Dr.Funkencherry, Nurse Cherry, and a very special thank you to Nurse Goodbody, who is leaving the staff to do bigger and better things. I know at times I could be difficult and hard to work with but words can never be enough to express my gratitude to you. Thank you very much.

We have been getting quite a lot of comments lately and some are not showing up immediately or are disappearing into the matrix. A majority of the time, I will explain why it is not there. If I haven't, that may be what happened. We lost a person who was a frequent commenter violetsareblue over that and hopefully she is reading this, because her comment was never deleted.

I also want to send a special shout out to 2 people who helped from the start with this web site. 1 is Courtney Love, who called me out on her blog and who I had an all too brief Internet battle with. Within the 1st 2 weeks of the site to have something like that is simply awesome.

The other person is Prince. I am grateful that he took enough liking to my site to let us know stuff before anyone else.  Now, we have labels, movie companies managers, production companies and PR firms along with others giving us tips.  But he or his people were one of the firsts and I am very appreciative of that.  I have been called many things since creating this site, but as long as Prince and others think I am A list, that is all that matters to me.

Thank you again to the people who come here every day and sometimes a few times a day. I look forward to entertaining you for 1 trillion hits and even more. Thanks again.-Dr.FB

UPDATE: I forgot 2 very important people: Rev.Statik, who not only did the "American Idol" reviews but also helped with the sites inception and helping get it up and running. I thank you very much.

Toonman, thanks for dealing with my midnight requests to get the site either running smoother or making sure things are lined up correctly. You took on the task where others would have bailed and I thank you tremendously. Thanks you 2 big time!!!!