Wanda Sykes

Video~ Sade On Wanda Sykes

Here is video of Sade’s appearance on The Wanda Sykes show and surprisingly, she partook in a skit with Wanda instead of a performance. Check out the funny clip above. Who knew Sade had a sense of humor like that?-Dr.FB

Wanda Sykes On The Tiger Woods Car Accident

Wanda Sykes has her take on the Tiger Woods “car accident” and it sounds quite convincing to us. “I guess the Black in him bought the Cadillac and the Asian in him crashed the car.” Highlarious! Check it out.-Dr.FB

Video: Wanda Sykes Talks About Mike Tyson

The Wanda Sykes show had a funny in it about Mike Tyson and the pap who got hit by Iron Mike. “You have to cover Mike like you cover the war; from a distance.” Check out the lol’s above.-Dr.FB

Wanda Sykes Has Twins With Wife

People Magazine is reporting that Wanda Sykes and her wife now have twins. She gave birth on April 27th and made the announcement yesterday. The couple has been together since 2005 and wed last fall. Congrats to Wanda nad her wife.-Dr.FB

Wanda Sykes Comes Out To Prop 8 Rally; “I’m Gay!”

Wanda Sykes From Evan Almighty. File Photo Wanda Sykes showed up to a No on Prop. 8 rally in Las Vegas unannounced and made an announcement; “I’m Gay”. Did we already know?  We always had a feeling, but she never made it public.  Prop. 8 changed all that for the funny comedienne.  “You know, I […]