Wanda Sykes On The Tiger Woods Car Accident

Wanda Sykes has her take on the Tiger Woods "car accident" and it sounds quite convincing to us.

"I guess the Black in him bought the Cadillac and the Asian in him crashed the car."

Highlarious! Check it out.-Dr.FB

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  1. LOL, she hit it on the head

  2. Wanda got it right…LOL!!!!

  3. I totally believe Wanda on this one. I got to check out her show, that was mad funny!

  4. LOL … I really like Wanda’s show …. I wish her well.

  5. Wanda got it right!

  6. I love Wanda!! U kno that probably what really happened! U dont stir a woman that’s scorned. But Tiger did the right thing to leave the situation. Unfortunately, the incident is overblown by the racist media as usual and he is embarrassed by it. I just hope he dont pull a phat ring on his wife’s finger like Kobe did. Just leave well enough alone, I say….

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