Fun Perform “We Are Young” On Letterman

If you have had your TV on the background while doing stuff, you have more than likely heard "We Are Young" by Fun. The song is everywhere.

We dig the song. Not so sure about that tongue action at the end but ok then.

The original and video version feature Janelle Monae where Fun are dressed much better than thier Letterman appearance.

Does anyone know if Janelle has performed the song live with Fun?

Hope you enjoy the performance!-DocFB


Introducing Kevin Hammond “We Are Young”

I came across Kevin Hammond on YouTube performing "We Are Young" a cover by Fun.  I have never heard Fun's version but I am digging Kevin Hammond's version of it.

The lyrics are plenty awesome and his vocal delivery is impressive to say the least.  Sometimes that all it takes to get my attention.  No label sending me stuff.  No manager saying "doc, check this out my man" but just cruising YouTube.  No singing TV show.  Just a performance jamming in your place.

"We Are Young" by Kevin Hammond is an example of that.  We wanted to share this with you and hope you like it.-DocFB