Amy Poehler Returns To Saturday Night Live

Although saying she would not, Amy Poehler returned to Saturday Night Live doing her Hillary Clinton and weekend update. I am glad she is back, but decided to post this odd interesting SNL short instead.
Hope you enjoy.-Dr.FB


Justin Timberlake “Unretires” Sexyback

Oops, I Performed It Again.  File Photo
Oops, I Performed It Again.  File Photo

Oops, I Performed It Again. File Photo

Well, that is one of the shortest retirements ever.  Justin Timberlake last month said while performing in Las Vegas that he will not perform "Sexyback" again, saying he is retiring it.

Well, on Saturday Night Live, guess what song he did at the end of Weekend Update?  The video of it on Saturday Night Live is edited but he did Sexyback.

Not even a whole month.  He just couldn't do it.   Guess I did not get my wish that I would not have to hear that song ever again.-Dr.FB


Saturday Night Live McCain Skit.

Just want to say I am not posting the John McCain skit on Saturday Night Live because the QVC thing was lame.  The Weekend Update one was not much better. 

 I have tried to be "fair & balanced" thru the election, but it was hella-lame.  Not even Tina Fey as Sarah Palin could save it from how straight whack it was.  The episode as a whole was bad aside from Fred Armisen or that other scene stealing female lead whose name escapes me now.

I am sure that other blogger posted it without looking at it.  Me?  I just wanted to save you from about 8 minutes of your life you would not get back.-Dr.FB