Saturday Night Live McCain Skit.

Just want to say I am not posting the John McCain skit on Saturday Night Live because the QVC thing was lame.  The Weekend Update one was not much better. 

 I have tried to be “fair & balanced” thru the election, but it was hella-lame.  Not even Tina Fey as Sarah Palin could save it from how straight whack it was.  The episode as a whole was bad aside from Fred Armisen or that other scene stealing female lead whose name escapes me now.

I am sure that other blogger posted it without looking at it.  Me?  I just wanted to save you from about 8 minutes of your life you would not get back.-Dr.FB



  • Saturday Night Live
    Posted at 21:32h, 24 June

    Saturday Night Live is a great show, really hoping that they bring it back for another season, have you heard anything about Saturday Night Live next season?

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