Romo To The Rescue

Tony; Hero For Hire. Photo:

Ok, so you always hear about the dirt on Romo or where he has been.  Well, here is a new one.

Romo, while returning home from the win against the Cleveland Browns last week, seeing a car stranded on the side of the road.  Tony pulled over and stepped outside and asked the couple if they need any help.  Bill and Sharon White said at least a 100 cars passed them by and no one stopped to offer them help. 

Before they knew it, Tony was helping Bill change the flat tire they had.  They did not exactly recognize Tony at first.  Romo, after a hard hit in the game had 13 stitches put into his chin and was wearing a medical band-aid on it.  Tony fixed a faulty air compressor which was hooked up the car lighter and was doing more leaking than pumping. 

Tony fixed the tire and air compressor and the wife was curious as to who was changing the White’s tires.  After Tony fixed the car, she could no longer wonder and said “You Are Tony Romo, aren’t you?”  Tony replied, “Yes, Maa’m” and then the 50 year old white screamed and hugged Tony. 

The husband’s reaction?  “Don’t tell me how you guys did.  I’m going home to watch the game.”

Sharon added: Look, we’re driving a 10-year old car that is sitting in a parking lot with a flat tire in the dead of night. He could tell by that we’re nothing special. But here’s a young man making millions of dollars, and he’s got all this fame and glory, and he does this?” The Whites couldn’t thank Romo enough. “But if I ever had the opportunity, I’d also like to thank two other people. His mom and dad,” Bill said. “They obviously raised him right. We’ve got kids about his age. We know how difficult it can sometimes be in this day and age.”

Good job Tony.  We will try to take it easy on the next story about Jessica.  In all seriousness, that’s why we like Tony.-Dr.FB



  • lexi
    Posted at 19:32h, 14 September

    he is so cute!!!

  • HC Blogger
    Posted at 11:34h, 12 September

    You see, a little Jessica, the leader of America’s team and a good up-bringing makes you a good guy. I have to admit you can see it in his face when you look at him. I’m glad theres a story not about Strip clubs and making it rain.. Thanks Tony.

  • Cameron
    Posted at 06:41h, 12 September

    That’s a really kind and noble thing that Tony Romo did. He has class, which is lacking for a lot of NFL players and celebrities as a whole these days.

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