Which Quarterback Will Say I Do First?

Now Its Time For The QB Dating Game.  Photo:  ABC.com

Now It's Time For The QB Dating Game. Photo: ABC.com

Due to Rumors, we have to revisit the Brady/Gisele and Romo/Simpson romances.

This week, rumors are flying that Brady and Gisele are close to trying the knot and will do it lo-key, and quick. Also this week, we were tolf that Romo and Simpson were spotted shopping for rings at a mall jewelry store. 

Which one is true?  None?  Both? 

I think there is more to the Brady story than Romo.  Brady ain’t doing jack since getting injured in week 1 of the football season and now has a lot more time to Gisele to be taking care of him.

As for Romo?  With the stuff that went on after the game, I don’t think he was thinking about any rings except maybe ringing T.O.’s neck this week if they don’t get back on track.

So Brady, survey says, marriage before the end of the year.  Romo?  He will be free after january.  I want to say Feb, but until he can win a playoff game I can’t.-Dr.FB



  • CC
    Posted at 13:05h, 10 December

    Don’t do it Tom!!!! I’m still available! 😉

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