Holy Annoying Batman Story Coincidences!

That Bat-Signal.  Photo: Warner Bros. Films

That Bat-Signal. Photo: Warner Bros. Films

Gonna vent here for a minute my funkenbabies.

Should I be happy that the so-called top entertainment blogger comes here to my site?  Should I be ecstatic that sometimes he uses my stories word for word or reverses time-lines to make it more his story?  We are in a line of work where we sometimes report the same stories but from a different point of view.  What happens if that point of view is almost the same word for word?

You research the story.  You make jokes and points that are your own that end up splooging from someone else.  It’s kind of like OMG, I am the biggest blogger in the game but let’s see what the Dr Hickleberry or Frankenberry is up to or see how he worded this story.  My throat may be getting squashed but I feel no pain.  I know I am the sole person behind this site.  My sister and mother do not post stories for me and pass it off as my work. 

There is more than enough room for both of us.  For the wiley veteran and the splashy newcomer.  I will never feel the need to lift your words for a story.  Hopefully, you never will have to again.   Maybe after you are done flipping off the screen, you will see it all really is about respect.




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