File Under So What? Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Get Married

Spencer & Heidi Eloped In Mexico.  File Photo

Spencer & Heidi Eloped In Mexico. File Photo

Wow.  It is really going to be a weird week of news until that Britney Spears special on MTV this Sunday.

The Hills so-called “reality” stars, Heidi Montag (who is kind of fine in her own wanna-be waspy way) and Spencer Bratt Pratt got married over the weekend in Mexico.  Unplanned, they say.

Her mother is in a fit, but US Weekly knew and is giving them the cover this week along with photos.  Seriously?  Seriously?  So much of the Hills is so planned.  Why do I have a feeling this is too?

Two douches married happily ever after…or until the Hills ends.  Gay people can’t get married in California, but these two can in Mexico?  Seriously?-Dr.FB



  • Agent65
    Posted at 11:14h, 25 November

    Omg seriosly?!

    Its not like it matters anyways their “marriage” aint gonna last!
    Those two idiots piss me off

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