Prince’s New Web Site Updated & Concert In L.A. Upcoming

As we told you right here FIRST last month about 777 Chick Hearn Court, things were gonna be poppin in 2009 there.

Well, go to Prince's new web site Lotusflow3r.com and enjoy some new songs like Chocolate box, and click on the ticket chillin on the other side of the tv screen.  You will see a $77.00 ticket for January 31st for an event (perhaps the opening of the site with a charge of $77.00 or maybe a concert in L.A.?  Only time will tell.)

Prince has been funkin' it up with a plethora of great musicans and it should be on fire.  Shoot, we hear things are so hot, he MAY not wait until January 31st to kick things off. 

 Much love and enjoy your chocolate box.-Dr.FB

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  1. Talk about a “can’t miss” event. My fingers a crossed for an LA show. Hot bods “rock’n out” to the master of funk in the City of Angels! Good times. Who would have thought prince would still be make’n great music after all these years, Michael eat you heart out and book an appointment with our good doctor.

  2. Love what I’m hearing…..Chocolate Box, All this Love, Colonized Mind……Crimson & Clover, Never B Another…..Here I come….it’s a Party Yall, screeeeeam!

  3. And the saga begins…Luv the funky new trax..I can’t get enough want 2 hear more….of course the haters r out there. But who cares what they say…there never b another like em….

  4. loving the samples and i cant wait to see whats next

  5. I’m feeling the snippets of the new songs too! I can’t wait to get the new CD’s and to hear them live on a stage near me (COME BACK TO NYC QUICK!!!!) lol

  6. Oh man, I wanna go and see The Man! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Go Prince, I’m rooting 4 U!

  7. Cannot wait…love what i’ve heard so far….

  8. :)

    Wish I could go to the show… Go beautiful Prince ;) !!

  9. Hope he considers a lotusfunflow3r DVD for those that can’t make the gigs,
    or lotus livestream or something really cool like that..yes something like that!

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