Unreleased PRINCE Movie Trailer Leaks!~

So around the time PRINCE was making 3121: The Music, he was also making 3121: The Movie.....which never saw the light of day.....until now. 

It's on Cameron Pearce's page although a majority of the movie was shot by Sanna Hamri.

The movie was renamed "Lotus Flower" and was to be released on the website LotusFlow3r.com back in April of 2009.  Before the site went live however, the movie was taken off the site.

The Doc saw something close to the final cut before, but the footage of the song "Guitar" was added along with a different shot of the video "3121" and added were the shots of him walking the streets of Los Angeles.

You tired of me talking n want to see the trailer?

Click HERE!

Click HERE!

Click HERE!

Let me know what you think...before it disappears.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Something 4 the Die hards.....


Newsflash: One Last Purple Jam For 2009…Paisley Park!

Paisley Park By Nick Scribner

Paisley Park.

Paisley Park. Photo By: Nick Scribner

Things are about to warm up in Minneapolis for sure!

PRINCE is gonna get you hot.

The Last Jam of 2009:

11 P.M. THIS Saturday night at Paisley Park, you have to be there! Admission is...$40 at the door. (cash only.)

Also going on for the night is Love 4 One Another charities will be hosting a coat drive before the show. Please bring new/gently used coats, gloves, and scarves  to help those around Purpletown who could use a little warmth. They are also accepting canned and boxed goods and bottled water.

They say... Ur gift of warmth is xtra cool.. c u Saturday!

This event sounds too cool even in the Minnesota snow!

Also, I was told that members of Prince's official web site: LOTUSFLOW3R.com should check the site later tonight, October 22nd for special member ticket info!

Have fun MPLS!-Dr.FB

Photo provided by www.nickscribner.com


Prince Adds Footage From Montreux To His Website

Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009 © 2009 DMY
Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009

Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009 © 2009 DMY

Prince has listened to fans request (and mine) and has put up some footage from his Montreux performance on his official web site; LotusFlow3r.com and it is pretty funky.

He added the classic "Little Red Corvette" & the rare gem that only the hardcore know "When I Lay My Hands On You" and you can hear his guitar sing.

BTW, his website is members only and it costs $77 bucks to join.  Hopefully, a DVD of this release is on it's way. Those that can see it, what do you think?-Dr.FB

UPDATE: I just watched the clips and it is hot like soup! "When I lay Hands On You" is fire and that version of "Little Red Corvette" is the reason every Prince tour needs to be seen and released.

He changes instrumentation's up on each of his tours of certain songs, making them different and making sure just because you saw him perform a song in 1984. doesn't mean it will be the same in 2009.

Straight up, Prince is an American World-Wide treasure and needs to be appreciated every day he is here. Love ya man (and ya know 2 clips will only hold me the fans up for so long.) and keep funking things up for another 30.


More News On Prince’s Performance On Ellen

Prince mplsound www.lotusflow3r.com
Prince mplsound www.lotusflow3r.com

Prince mplsound www.lotusflow3r.com

This just sent in to us by the Prince camp.


Purple people from lalaland, keep yo eyes on lotusflow3r.com  4 ur chance at tickets  2 the Wednesday taping of The Ellen Degeneres Show.. y'all will groove in the riff raff room until it's purple party time, and then will have ringside seats 2 all the funky noise u can handle! Stay 2ned 2 Lotusflow3r.com.. details coming very soon!

Ringside Seats?  I thought Britney's Circus Tour was in town this weekend :)

Can't wait for Ellen next week!


Prince To Appear On Tavis Smiley; Thanks Prince For Generosity

Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornell West.  File Photo
Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornell West.  File Photo

Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornell West. File Photo

Tavis Smiley just sent out an email to his email list and it mentions Prince's generosity and an upcoming appearance later this month on Tavis's PBS show.

Here are most of the details of the email;

Dear Friends:

I hope this letter finds you well. I’d like to take a few minutes of your
time to thank all of you who joined in the 10th anniversary celebrations
of the State of the Black Union and the Tavis Smiley Foundation at the
Prince concert and the Gospel Brunch benefit.

During that historic weekend in February we were successful in raising
almost $225,000 to support our work of developing young leaders. Just like
you and many, many non-profits around the country, we’re feeling the
impact of the economic crisis, so we are counting our blessings that these
events will allow us to continue our programs.

As is common for some philanthropic individuals who donate to charitable
and worthy causes, Prince is one of those people who won’t tout his
contributions. He just doesn’t do it. He gives to give. In our case,
Prince not only donated his time but covered all expenses for the show and
mysteriously enough we received another donation matching
dollar-for-dollar the six-figure concert proceeds. Guess who?

By now you may know that he has released a new phenomenal 3-CD set,
LotusFlow3r, which showcases yet again his musical genius. The CD is
available exclusively through Target stores nationwide and retails for
$11.98 and is slated to reach No. 1 in record sales this week.

Because Prince has carved a creative niche for himself to own his music
and to market directly to the public, this project does not have the
traditional support of radio or a record label. Hence, you may have not
heard any of the CD tracks on your local radio stations. But these
circumstances should not prevent the public from hearing about or
accessing the work of an artist who is perhaps the greatest of our time.
So I’m asking you as our friends to take a minute to check out his CD for
yourself at a Target store or visit Target online at Target.com.

And in addition, later this month Prince is scheduled to be a guest on my
television show on PBS to discuss his CD and the challenges facing
independent music artists pursuing their right to self-determination.
Prince has given to our youth and I need your help to give a little back
to him.

Thank you again for your support and for your consideration.

Keep the Faith!

Tavis Smiley

(Extremely cool of Prince and great for Tavis to call him out because Prince sure wouldn't say it.  We look forward to Prince's appearance on Tavis's show later this month.-Dr.FB)


Reminder: Prince’s Lotusflow3r Now Available



Just wanted to send a reminder that Prince's latest CD, Lotusflow3r along with MPLSound & Elixer is now available at Target for $11.98 for all 3 CD's or you can join his official web site at Lotusflow3r.com-Dr.FB


Prince’s Lotusflow3r is About To Explode!

A PRINCE cd back in the day was an event and tonight will be no different.

At 7:07 P.M. PST Lotusflow3r.com goes live and what happens at that time will be "epic".  Everyone should be watching at exactly 7:07 P.M. PST

Prince's new 3 cd set which includes his new protege will be on Lotusflow3r.com tonight, which is also Prince's return to the web of having a whole new galaxy for fans to explore.

The long wait will be over for fans as the site is set to debut tonight at 7:07 P.M. Pacific Time  The galaxy will include the 3 new cd's along with 2 new videos from Prince, Crimson & Clover & Chocolate Box and the new one from Bria Valente, Everytime. 

Scott Addison Clay shared with us the video for Chocolate Box but instead of describing it, we will wait for you to see it when it debuts tonight.  There will be hours and hours of full screen videos and photos. There are also bells and whistles that are unlocked with Prince trivia.  You can play the guitar called Sonny named after Sonny T.

Trust me, at 7:07 P.M. tonight, I will have my credit card handy to pay the $77 dollar annual membership fee.

I want to thank Scott for including me in these events and for giving us a view to report to you. Also a special shout out to the PR team and Prince himself.  The journey is just beginning tonight.-Dr.FB

UPDATE:  From his people, here is info to pass along:

If anyone has trouble downloading stuff, try later tonight and just listen to what is on the player.
You may not get email confirmations for tickets until tomorrow.

If anyone has trouble downloading stuff, try later tonight and just listen to what is on the player.

The Europeans are being taken care of right now, it is being worked on and should now work for you.

they are working on cc for overseas members

A Whole New Galaxy Awaits

A Whole New Galaxy Awaits

A Whole New Galaxy Awaits