SFO: So F’n Odd.

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul

Tonight, we are in the lovely and very hilly San Francisco.  Where the women are women and the men are women.  On a side note, I absolutely LOVED what Paula was wearing tonight. It was a fresh release from the normal gaudy crap that she wears.

There was a lot of talent in SFO, and there was a good bit of no talent. What I liked about this episode is that it was book ended with two good singers. It started off on a good note and it ended on a good note. Not nearly as good as Kansas City last week, and for all the good voices, most of the personalities were crap.

So far, this season is turning out to be looking very interesting. I’m actually really looking forward to this season the more the auditions go on. It was a fairly short show tonight. Yes, it was an hour, but it didn’t feel like an hour. Probably had something to do with the fact that they showed, maybe, six or seven auditions. I kind of felt shorted tonight.

We are now three auditions in, and Kara is still boring the hell out of me. Granted, tonight was the first time she started to show any real personality. The producers probably told Simon to push her all day and get under her skin. If it wasn’t for him pissing her off, then she would have no chance.

Maybe tomorrow, when they get to Louisville, she will be better.  Guess we will just have to wait till then to find out.-Rev. Statik



  • drfunkenberry
    Posted at 02:55h, 21 January

    Cool read. Thank you Rev. Statik

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