Shocker! Paula Abdul, Nicole, & Steve NOT Returing To X Factor!!

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We all knew Steve Jones would not be returning to X Factor and that Nicole Scherzinger was out, but Paula Abdul will not be returning as well.

According to reports, Paula Abdul was informed by the network that she would not be returning to X Factor.

We reported earlier this month that it was expected for Steve Jones to be released as host and Nicole Scherzinger would replace him as host and Mariah Carey would replace Nicole as judge.  Although Simon Cowell and Fox are interested in Mariah, she has yet to commit.

This now leaves Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid as the only returning judges from the first season of X Factor.

Simon's former show, American Idol, has been slipping in the ratings in its first 2 weeks of the 10th season.

Paula Abdul was tweeting about X Factor earlier today but has not tweeted since the news broke of her departure from the show.

I felt that Nicole and Steve were the weak links of X Factor, even though all of Paula's teams were eliminated rather early in the show.

What do you think of Paula being let go from X Factor?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Who will fill the 3 open spots?


X Factor Gets It Right By Eliminating…..(Spoiler…)

In the first elimination on X Factor voted by the fans, they got it right.

Warning!  Spoiler!

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Review: Simon Puts Through Rachel, Drew & Melanie

Simone Battle kicked it off for Simon's girls on X Factor and she did not fair well.

Battle passing instead of Jazzlyn Little at the judge's house was surprising to me. Battle's performance again proved to me that Simon was dead wrong about Simone. Battle lost the war and Simon deserved Reid's comments for contestant choice big time. Simon said that Reid was out of touch. As much as I usually agree with Simon, he was wrong and I know he will be eliminating Battle.


Rachel Crowe, the 13-year-old 9th grader was going to bring it. No doubt. It helped following a lackluster performance from Battle. She mixed in a soul classic along with "Baby" by Justin Bieber. This is the 2nd time a Bieber song has been used on X Factor. Drew covered it in auditions.

Perhaps Simon thinks American's cannot remember what they had for lunch let alone using a song twice within a month. This American is not that stupid, Simon. Nicole and Paula critiqued the song choice and Simon got testy. Regardless, Crowe stunned and is going through.

Next was the artist formerly known as Drew Ryniewiz. Now just simply called Drew. She performed "What A Feeling" the 80's classic by Irene Cara. I knew before one note was sung that this girl was going to blow me away. She started it off slow and with the second verse she stepped it up a little bit, bringing it higher and showing off her vocal ability.

The judges have to be scared. This contest is Drew's to win. I am not even going to use the word lose. Drew and Josh are ahead of everyone else. Simon's decision is going to be hard...except for keeping Drew. That is easy. Big time.

Tiah Tolliver was next and she was going to have to give the performance of a lifetime. Although I liked the song choice of "Sweet Dreams" and her Rihannaesque performance, it was not enough. Can we fix that lipstick? Reid criticized for song and contestant choice yet again. I know that has to irk Simon but Reid is right. Nicole slammed Tiah and Simon big time. Big time! I had to wonder if Simon would keep her just to prove everyone wrong or see that Tiah's time is gone?

Melanie Amaro was the last performance of the night, saved by Simon. She performed "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston and everyone thought he performance was amazing. It was good. It was good to make it to the next round but not better than Drew. Simon made the right choice brining her back however.

Simon announced that Drew and Rachel were going through and made us wait for him to announce Melanie joining them. Simon has the strongest group but Melanie is one bad performance away from elimination. She is going to have to bring it week after week and hope Drew falters. Doubt it but you never know.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Simon & Nicole's quips were rather interesting....


Review: Nicole Eliminates Dexter On X Factor As Stacy & Josh Shine

Dexter Haygood was the first performer for the over 30's, Nicole Sherzinger's X Factor group.

Dexter covered Britney Spears and Katy Perry in his performance. I was hoping he would bring it. He had the outfit . He had the look. He found himself. Yet, it was not enough. The enthusiasm and energy were there. Just not the voice. Reid criticized Nicole for song choice while Simon called it the weirdest milkshake in the world. It would take someone messing up bad for Dexter not to be eliminated. No Dex Factor here.

Leroy Bell was next. The youngest looking 60-year-old I ever did see. He sang like the angel that we thought he is.

Reid criticized Nicole again for song selection. Paula called his voice velvet and hit the nail on the head saying that he sounded like Michael Bolton. Simon said he was lacking confidence and wish he was mentoring him. This is where it started to get ugly between Simon and Nicole for the rest of the show. It is obvious to me that Nicole is going to keep Leroy on Simon's comments alone.

Next is Stacy Francis who killed "Purple Rain" the last time we saw her. Out of all the contestants, she has had the most chances and performed with superstars in the past.

For the second time tonight, a contestant performed a George Michael song. Francis covered "One More Try" and hit it out of the park. She sang it. Not sung it. I liked the gospel feel of the song. I did not like her outfit and it is not a fashion show, but Simon agreed with me that the outfit was wrong. He criticized Nicole again for song choice and had to have Nicole explain to me what she meant by Stacy having wings. Regardless, Stacy is going through.

Josh Krajcik was next. The former burrito slinger is a favorite of mine. I am not afraid to say that. Josh did not dress up and I am wondering when we are going to see this guy in a suit. Regardless, it was not his best performance and he still nailed it. He used his raspy voice, touch, and zeal in the performance. It was not a tremendous performance but I know he has it in him to blow us away. Josh is going through to the next round. Simon fears him. Rightfully so.

Nicole did not go with her heart and eliminated Dexter, who seemed surprised by the decision. I am just glad he did not cry because it hurts seeing that man cry.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Keep Doing Your Thing Dexter


Review: Paula Makes Tough But Right Elimination On X Factor

The Stereo Hogzz were the first group performers on the X Factor live show. How did Paula Abdul do in preparing the groups?

The Stereo Hogzz had their moves down. The vocal delivery was there. They also mixed in rap with their performance. It was good. Not great but really good. All the judges said it was good. Not one said great. They were spot on saying it was retro and current. Enough in my opinion to make it to the next round.


The Brewer Boys, in my opinion had to knock it out of the park to make it to the next round. Nervousness crept in and it was obvious. It went away when they kicked into "Faith" by George Michael but they could not recover from the mess up on "Rich Girl" when they went back into it. Reid criticized Paula for song choice. Simon said they just were not shining. To me, right now, they are going home.

InTENsity was next. The 10 of them thrown together for X Factor to make their own Disney club. Meaning that many of the 10 are going to make it in the industry and X Factor will be able to take the credit. They stayed current covering "Footloose" with the remake of the movie still being in theatres. I liked the 369 rap. Nicole Sherzinger called him her little pumpkins. Much better than the Brewer Boys. In my opinion, going through.

Lakoda Rayne was next. It was another group thrown together like InTENsity. They covered "Come On Eileen" the classic 80's song. They did not blow me away but they did nail it. They are good. Not great. Simon and Reid appeared to agree with me. Paula cried at how good they performed and was proud of them. Obviously, they are staying.

Paula sent the Brewer Boys home. It was the right decision. I hope it is not the last we hear of them. Hone your craft.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Stereo Hoggz is the only real group left. Step it up.


Review: L.A. Reid Makes Right Decision On 1st Live Show Elimination

L.A. Reid and the contestants of X Factor he was mentoring went first. Astro (Brian Bradley) rapped over "Jump" by Kris Kross.

His performance was everything we expected from Astro; arrogant, flashy, and spot on.  Kid has energy and doesn't run out of breath.  It is obvious he is moving on to the next round.

L.A. Reid's song choice for Chris Rene was horrible.  Reid showed he is more arrogant than Astro when Nicole was critical of the song choice of "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" from Rose Royce.  It was not Rene's best performance, but his story is so good, there is no way they would get rid of him so soon.

Phillip Lomax was doomed the moment Reid said he was sensational when he introduced him. Lomax surprised me with his upbeat performance. He even lost the hat. Simon was critical and called it cabaret. Paula called it "Mighty Fine" and I started to wonder what was in her Pepsi cup. It was the best performance so far by Lomax but not good enough. He would need Canty to mess up bad.

Marcus Canty was the next performer and had no lack of confidence. Singing Culture Club? What? An upbeat version as well. I am not sure about song selection. Nicole said he was born to sing. Paula was impressed. Even Simon liked it. Not sure if I agreed with Simon or if he is was trying to make it harder on Reid.

Lomax was eliminated. It as the right choice even with Rene's horrible performance. Rene better kick some booty next week or he is gone.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Rene no longer the man in this catagory


InTENsity Bring The Ting Tings To X Factor

10 members equals ten times the InTENsity, right? Maybe, but not sure for X Factor.

The performance of "That's Not My Name" by The Ting Tings is good but with 10 members, I am not really sure how far they are going to get when it is everyone competiting and not just bands.

Right now, this performance is one of the most watched auditions but just because it is the most popular, does not mean it is the best.

Paula Abdul and Pharrell have a big decision to make and although it might be inTENse, I am not sure the group is going to like her answer.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Yes, actually, that is my name....