Prince’s New Album Cover Revealed

Lotus Flow3r

Lotus Flow3r

Rolling Stone has revealed the artwork for Prince's new album Lotus Flow3r in an article about Prince's recent late night soiree at his Beverly Hills mansion. You may recall we brought you here the first recap of the night's events. 

So what do you think? Pretty? y/n? It looks very Earth,Wind, & Fire/Jacksons, doesn't it? Can't wait to hear what's inside. - Dr. FC

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  1. Is he imitating MJ’s Dangerous album where the full face is not shown? I’m sure that it will not be anything like his awesome albums in the 80s, but it will be interesting to hear. I’m going to buy mine second-hand on half or amazon.

  2. It’s great album cover. It relays a path… inter-connectivity… but is also iconic. I’m also diggin the simple, clear, powerful elegance of the font.

  3. Just ugly!!!

  4. I feel Prince’s Lotusflow3r CD cover design was inspired by the book Time Travelers From Our Future. If you put all the photos from this book together it is similar to Prince’s CD design. Bria Valente mentions time travel in one of her new songs. I think Prince has been reading Dr. Bruce Goldberg’s book. Prince also checks his email. Wonder who and what has his attention??? The number 3 is special. Prince said in a recent interview if someone mentions something to him 3 times he checks it out. Pay attention people and stay Ntune.

  5. I like the cover. IMO it would fit the music better (at least the 4 tracks we’ve heard already) if the cover was more raw instead of this computerlike dream image… but it’s not bad at all, I do like it! 🙂
    It creates a surreal image… a new galaxy… if this will be in the wrecka stows people will notice it and be curious!

    It’s not an unexpected album cover though (cuz we’ve already seen the image on the LF website). I’m very curious about the MPLSOUND cover now!

    To have the cover is a little step forward. I really hope he opens up the download section soon.. I need to hear this!!
    So… is the album title Lotusflow3r or Lotus Flow3r? (From the image I see the first one, but Dr. FB calls it ‘Lotus Flow3r’ cover.
    Doens’t matter really, but still… 🙂

    Please Prince, soon soon!!

  6. prince fans just accept anything he gives them. this cover is hideous.. looks like a bad 90s video game.. he needs to be back with a real creative team like he had at Warners. Someone who can tell him, “no!”

  7. I don’t like it, but since it’s Prince I’m OK with it… Too much of everything. The picture itself is just about acceptable, but the PRINCE and the title in gold and these two horrible fonts? They remind me of an advert for a really cheap perfume you would be offered on a flight with one of those low budget airlines. What happened to the two really cool pics from the last show on Jay Leno? Those would have made great covers!

  8. its cool!
    a XXI century cover. Great Work!
    febraury, march,… WHEN???????????????

  9. To somewhat quote..(Can’t wait to hear what’s inside. – Dr. FC)
    Its what inside that counts the most 🙂
    Very excited and happy to get some new music from Prince!
    I like the cover and love the font!

  10. Symbolically the lotus blossom, shown here by Prince representing the crown charka, represents the never exhaustible unfolding pedals of the enlightened mind. Strangely a tie back to such statements as “if you pealed back the pedals of your precious rose would you be ashamed of what you’d find inside?”, Prince is showing a new, higher and clearer minded awakening. On the right is shows a pyramid that represents all sides uniting to a higher peak, and it is shown the leaf of a plant for healing. Right representing the new world and or wanted desired. On the left side a metropolis. Taken from the original artwork of the new website, Prince had shown that on the left side was high mountains peaks, clearly a reference to his earlier song of that title. There is of course so much more to this picture puzzle, but I guess you’ll all have to wait, don’t want to give away all Prince’s little secrets.

  11. grrrr typo in my post.

    @Michael.. nice 😉 Thanks

  12. As the old world dies out and the new world fades up, when can one say the Dawn truly is? What if the true new world begun this june, but the new world didn’t over take the old world until 2012? With a 3.5 year span, when does the Dawn of the first new day in our new world begin? How is it you’ll live to see the Dawn?

  13. ^ wow I’m having a dyslexia day 😉 ..I meant to write spiritual.I hope I got it right now :))

  14. Very spritual cover pic -I love it <3

  15. It just all looks more then great 🙂

  16. [quote]WHAT does Lotusflow3r even mean!?![/quote]

    It probably means there is a song called “Lotus Flow3r” on the album that shares its name.

    Call it a “wild (flower) guess” (that’s a pun!).

    -Capt. Obvious

  17. Absolutely but not suprisingly…AWFUL.

    In the last performance on Jay Leno, in the background Prince had this really interesting and dare I even FEEL IT, classy, sort of montage with a photo of himself. It looked actually well designed and had a sort of subtle colorfulness and white background. I thought THAT was going to be a cover as it did look great.

    All that needed to be done was placed a lotus flower somewhere and in small type Prince/Lotus Flower.

    Now…much like the never fully explained mess of 3121 and its meaning. WHAT does Lotusflow3r even mean!?!

    I can sort of decipher, if I just mull it over without spending too much of my valuable time, that the 3 must mean the three albums coming.

    OR could it mean that when Prince secured the website ‘lotusflower.com’ was taken and he reversed the 3 to attain somekind of website name and THEN name the album with a 3 in the name???

    As for the art. Colorful. As a designer myself, I’ll tear into it on goods and bads – colors are nice, the style is very DeviantArt geek graphic arts – look up any wallpaper for Vista/Leopard…the use of Futura light, which I think is the PRINCE typeface, its nice…but DOES NOT go with the graphics. The graphics are sooo strong that you need to come down on the type size…and that horrid, horrid lotusflw3r font…is it a Holloween font? Free I bet. Awful.

    I get it, 3 in red…I see it…over designed. Let the artwork shine…if you can even call it art – THEN on each top corner in futura light Prince on the left and a normal Lotus Flower on the right. Make them gold, thats fine, but small.

    This makes me want to run to Margo Chase and ask her for HELP!


  18. Exquisite!!! … i can feel the “joy” coming down on me.

  19. prince is back on the net and he’s gonna take prisoners

  20. looks sick i cant wait to have it on a t-shirt with tour daters on the back hahaha or to have on actual cd sitting in front of me

  21. I like the cover although cropped as it is makes the crystal ball (bubble) seem too large at the base, a bit off scale. The colors are really pretty. Let’s see the full panel inside.

  22. Love it!!! This actually looks like an ALBUM COVER. Very EWF, remember back in the day folding open the album cover with ARTWORK….REAL ARTWORK!!!!!! I am dripping with antici………pation!!!!

  23. Oh yes it’s super! That is a cover worthy of ‘Colonized Mind’.

  24. Cool Cover, very psychedelic style…..i think that the sound of the new album will be very colorful …around the worl in a day Part 2!

    PS>I say it loud: Prince i want Cds & Dvds from the vault on your new web site!

    May u live 2 see the Dawn

  25. I dont know WHAT 2 compare it 2, but as far as anything P has ever done, very, Very, VERY different!!! I like it, thats 4 sho!!! And the RS article is good as well. Exactly how much patience will i need 2 practice b4 i get all 3 musical creations in my car???

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