Video: “Push” Trailer

We talked about the movie before and figured we should hit you up with the trailer before you "push us to.  Eek.  That was as bad as it sounded.  Regardless, enjoy the trailer.-Dr.FB

(Please Note: This is NOT the Tyler Perry "Push".  Yea, yea, we know we got them mixed up.  But thank you to those that noticed.  I appreciate it big time.)

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  1. Sorry, but that’s the wrong “Push” trailer. There are two movies with the same title; the one that won all the Sundance stuff, and then the “Heroes” wannabe that’s coming out this weekend. Don’t confuse the two. The one with Mo’Nique and Sherri Shepherd is the good one getting all the critical buzz. The other one will be here this weekend and most likely gone next weekend.

  2. well, sorry but,…very bad!!!

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