Exclusive Photo Of Lenny Kravitz On Set Of His New Film “The Butler”

Here is an exclusive photo of Cuba Gooding Jr., Lenny Kravitz, and Forest Whitaker on the set of "The Butler" a film by Lee Daniels set for release in 2013.

Not only does the film star Lenny Kravitz and Cuba and Forest, it also stars Oprah Winfrey, Leiv Schreiber, John Cusack, Minka Kelly, Alan Rickman, Terrance Howard, and Jane Fonda.  That is quite the star-studded cast!

Lenny had this to say exclusively to drfunkenberry.com about the film;

"The Butler is an American story, and an important part of our history."

For more information on The Butler, click HERE.

I would like to thank Mathieu Bitton for sharing the photo here before anywhere else.  It is always welcome and appreciated.

Thanks again to Lenny and Mathieu.-DocFB

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Rihanna Admits To Oprah “I Miss Chris Brown”

Rihanna, Chris Brown/File photo

In the latest preview clip of the Oprah/Rihanna interview on the OWN network this Sunday, Rihanna admits that she misses Chris Brown. Not the incident, but the fun times they shared.

When she talks about Chris, it sometimes comes off little girl lost. It seems she wishes the incident never happened and they were together. Perhaps, the little girl lost is more that the girl's innocence was lost.

You sometimes wonder if Oprah is going to shake her and go "Girl, come on now!"

Chris has remained mum on the Oprah interview. What would he be able to say anyway?


Video: Rihanna Gets Tearful Over Chris Brown; “I Lost My Best Friend; “Who’s Going To Help Him?”

Rihanna & Chris Brown Earlier The Night Of The Beating. Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Rihanna opens up to Oprah Winfrey this weekend on her Next Chapter Show which airs on her network OWN. In the interview, Rihanna opens up about Chris Brown and gets tearful.

In talking about the night where Chris Brown beat her and what followed, she says "She lost her best friend" and at the same time worried about "Who was going to look after him" now that she can't.

The restraining order that was put in place to keep Chris away from Rihanna has been long gone and since then, they have recorded songs together and have hung out in clubs, never arriving together, but hanging out nonetheless.

One has to wonder; if Rihanna forgave Chris Brown and got back together with him, would be people be in outrage, or would they forgive Chris because she has?-DocFB


Video: Lady Gaga Interview With Oprah To Be Last Interview For “A Very Long Time”

Lady Gaga & Oprah Winfrey. Photo: Buzzfeed.com

Lady Gaga and her mother will be interviewed by Oprah on Oprah's OWN Network this Sunday. Gaga says it will be the last time she talks to someone for a very long time.

In the preview clip, gone are Gaga's crazy costumes and even her mother questioned her daughter's sanity on her rise to fame.

Gaga is planning an immense tour whose latest album is not exactly blowing people away like the "Fame Monster" did, so we question how long can she exactly go without an interview to promote the tour?

Lady Gaga & Oprah Winfrey. Photo: Buzzfeed.com

Lady Gaga & Oprah Winfrey. Photo: Buzzfeed.com

Perhaps she will do several TV appearances and what not without doing interviews. That would be a refreshing change for someone who is overexposed as much as Gaga is.

We will see how long her "silence" last after this Oprah interview.  I wonder if this will bring in bigger ratings for Oprah's OWN than the Whitney interview last Sunday.

Will U be watching?-DocFB


Did Oprah Drop The Ball In Interview With Bobbi Kristina & Family?

Bobbi Kristina & Oprah. Photo: Essence.com

It has just been a month since we lost Whitney Houston...and here was the Oprah interview with Bobbi Kristina, Whitney's daughter, and her family. Perhaps it was too soon.

Oprah did not take the gloves off like she did when Ice Cube was on her show years ago. This interview seemed like the Michael Jackson special interview in 1993 where she tossed up softball questions and did not follow through.

Bobbi Kristina & Oprah. Photo: Essence.com

Bobbi Kristina & Oprah. Photo: Essence.com

This is why I sometimes miss Bryant Gumbal. He wouldn't let you off and by the way he asked the question, it still made the person seem intelligent and comfortable, even when grilling him.

Make no mistake, I did not want Bobbi Kristina getting grilled.  I just feel it was too soon to do the interview.  She has had her own demons, and if this is therapy to talk to Oprah, then that is fine.

The interview was to make us see Whitney in a different light but aside from her singing "Happy Birthday" to her daughter, looking precious, but it didn't do that.

I just hope that there isn't too many more interviews.  Let her heal in private.  We may want to know how she is handling it, but do we really need to know?

What did you think of the Oprah/Bobbi Kristina interview?-DocFB


Sneak Preview of Oprah Interviewing Bobbi Kristina About Whitney!

Bobbi Kristina & Oprah. Photo: Essence.com
Bobbi Kristina & Oprah. Photo: Essence.com

Bobbi Kristina & Oprah. Photo: Essence.com

This Sunday, March 11th, Oprah is interviewing Whitney Houston's family about her death, including her only daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

This is the first interview the family is doing and the first Bobbi Kristina, 18 years old, is doing as well.  We are told Bobbi Kristina will share intimate details about her and her mother and what she thinks caused her mother Whitney Houston's death.

The interview will air on Oprah's network OWN, and be part of Oprah's Next Chapter series.

Will Oprah talk about Bobbi Kristina's own demons when it comes to drug use?  Guess we will find out on Sunday.

Will you be watching?  We know we will!-DocFB


Video: Oprah’s Book Club Fight Club

Oprah Winfrey appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show and Kimmel pushed some ideas for shows on Oprah's OWN Network.

Some of the ideas were hit and miss. One though was a hit after hit after hit; Oprah's Book Club Fight Club. Forward to the 6:21 mark for some Oprah Fight Club.

All over "To Kill A Mockingbird" as well.

Never in a million years would I expect Oprah to do this.  What do you think?-DocFB