Oscar Winners & Updates…

Will be updated thru the night.

So far, the tux has returned for men and not going too far off from the classic look.  The off white for the ladies was very popular this year.....

Winners list....so far.

 Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz "Vicky Christina Barcelona" Yes!

 Best Original Screenplay: Milk by Dustin Lance Black

Best Adapted Screenplay:  Simon Beaufoy for SlumDog Millionaire

 Best Animated Film: Wall-E -Andrew Stanton

Best Animated Short Film: La Maison En Petits Cubes -Kunio Kato

 Best Art Direction & Set DirectionThe Curious Case Of Benjamin Button - Donald Graham Burt & Victor J. Zolfo

Best Costume Design: The Duchess - Michael O'Connor

Best Make-Up Artist: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button - Craig Cannom

 Best Cinematography:- Anthony Dod Mantle-Slumdog Millionaire

(Side note: Ben Stiller stole the show so far by pretending to be Jo. Pho)

(Great Comedic break by James Franco & Seth Rogan)

Best Live Action Short Film: Spielzeugland (Toyland) Jochen Alexander Freydank

Best Original Score: Slumdog Millionare

(The music medley with Hugh Jackman, Beyonce, Zax Efron, Vanessa Hudgens & the Mama Mia cast was pretty good. Done by Baz Luhrmann. No wonder.  Uh-oh.  Beyonce covered "At Last" again.)

Best Supporting Actor: -Heath Ledger- The Dark Knight  YES!!!!!! 

Best Documentary: Man On Wire

Best Documentary Short: Smile Pinki

Best Visual Effects: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Best Sound Editing: The Dark Knight

Best Sound Mixing; Slumdog Millionaire

Best Film Editing: Slumdog Millionaire

Jean Hershaw Award: Jerry Lewis

Best Original Song: Slumdog Millionaire

 Best Foreign Language Film: Departures

Best Director: Danny Boyle Slumdog Millionaire

Best Actress: Kate Winslett YES!

Best Actor: Sean Penn

Best Picture: Slumdog Millionare

Also, please share your thoughts as the show goes on.  Thank you.-Dr.FB

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  1. i like the role of Anthony Hopkins in the movie Silence of The Lambs. this guy is simply amazing .;*

  2. bollywood movies are nice and cheeky, that is all i have to say .;;

  3. when i hear the name Anthony Hopkins, i always tought of the movie Meet Joe Black.*’,

  4. Anthony Hopkins is one of the veteran actors in Hollywood that should be given a lifetime acheivement award.’`”

  5. Wow! So shocked that Mickey Rourke didnt ring, he deserves it more than Sean Penn. The Wrestler has been deemed to risky to ring an oscar, wow! Really disapointed

  6. This has been the best Oscar Academy Award Show in years. I’m glad I stayed up all night to watch..

    Kate!! Yes!!! I so love that she made her dad whistle because she didnt know where he was haha. I loved her speech. Robert de Niro.. I love you!!. Boy did Sir Anthony Hopkins loose weight!! And Sean was so nervous. But to be real honest I wish Mickey got the Oscar.

    But can I say one last thing?.. I could just spread John Mayer and Eddie Murphy on a cracker.. Uhmm umm umm

  7. Wow I’ve never felt joy and pain at the same time like this before. Bless him.. (sigh).

  8. Hugh Jackman is doing a great job!! Hugh… you ARE Wolverine!! 😉

  9. To me, boring if not either part of it or nominated.

    This way able to have my freedom so to speak, and still cover it.

  10. oops too! too much wine!

  11. Yay Penelope….I’m thrilled to – she was smashing!!!

  12. Penelope is so great! (But Scarlet, too…) By the way, Woody isn’t there because on Mondays he plays the clarinet the way P. played her part…

  13. “…Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz “Vicky Christina Barcelona” Yes!…”

    Yeah baby! I’m so happy for her!

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