Thousands & Thousands Of Reasons Why Demi Loves Peru

Demi Lovato In Peru.  Photo: Uncredited Twitter Pic

Demi Lovato In Peru. Photo: Uncredited Twitter Pic

You how I love cool photos, profiles, concerts, whatever.  Well, one caught my eye and I had to share it. It is of Disney star Demi Lovato.

Demi Lovato performed in front of one of the largest crowds ever in Peru.  We won’t bring up the fact that she opened for the Jonas Brothers, only in the sense that they were there to see them and Demi was an added bonus.

All I can wonder is what feeling you have when you perform in front of crowds that huge?  What is that feeling as a performer when you take the stage?  Mine would be to hide behind the drum kit or pull up my hoodie.  For those that live for this, I can imagine it is the best feeling in the world and something you will take with you.

I am sure it will be a moment that Demi Lovato will never forget.  Congrats girl, you did it!-Dr.FB




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