Jonas Brothers

Joe Jonas Performs “Just In Love”

Joe Jonas performed “Just In Love” on Ellen this week. This is Joe Jonas’s first solo record, going on his own without the Jonas Brothers. “Just In Love” is a total pop song and it should find its audience with Jonas Brothers fans and pop radio. Joe has a soulful voice that could do more […]

Nick Jonas’s New Power Administration

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers will be releasing a side project in 2010 entitled “The Administration” and was recorded in a 2 week span. The recording took place in Nashville, Tennessee.  The band that Nick recorded with was some of Prince’s New Power Generation band from the 90’s including Michael Bland and Tommy Barberella  and […]

Video~ Taylor Swift’s SNL Monologue

Here is the monologue of Taylor Swift from Saturday Night Live where she covered the break-up with a Jonas Brother, Kanye West and if she is dating that Taylor guy from Twilight. It was interesting to say the least.-Dr.FB

Scene & Heard

The stars came out for U2 at the Rose Bowl over the weekend as close to a 100,000 people attended the concert. David Beckham, Demi Moore, Ben Stiller, Kellan Lutz, Colin Farrel, Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt were in attendance……… Morrissey collapsed onstage at a concert in Swindon, UK and was rushed to the hospital […]

Joe Jonas To Be A Guest Judge On American Idol

I hear that American Idol just got Joe Jonas to be a guest judge on American Idol.  What the what? They already had Victoria Beckham as a guest judge and as I told you yesterday, Shania Twain is set to be a judge as well, along with Katy Perry and Mary J. Blige. We hear […]