Joe Jonas Performs “Just In Love”

Joe Jonas performed "Just In Love" on Ellen this week. This is Joe Jonas's first solo record, going on his own without the Jonas Brothers.

"Just In Love" is a total pop song and it should find its audience with Jonas Brothers fans and pop radio.

Joe has a soulful voice that could do more than pop so we hope he takes that chance because it could pay off for him.

Check out "Just In Love" and let us know what you think.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Who is the back-up dancer?


Nick Jonas’s New Power Administration

Nick Jonas  Photo: Disney.com
Nick Jonas  Photo: Disney.com

Nick Jonas Photo: Disney.com

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers will be releasing a side project in 2010 entitled "The Administration" and was recorded in a 2 week span.

The recording took place in Nashville, Tennessee.  The band that Nick recorded with was some of Prince's New Power Generation band from the 90's including Michael Bland and Tommy Barberella  and also a favorite of mine, David Ryan Harris, who usually tours with John Mayer.

Unfortunately, David Ryan Harris will not be touring with The Administration and is being replaced by Sonny Thompson, another former member of Prince's band.  Wow.  First Justin Timberlake and now a Jonas Brother has a Prince backed band.  There has been a Prince connection with the Jonas Brothers for a while however.

Bob Cavallo, who used to manage Prince under the management company Cavallo, Ruffalo, & Fargnoli back in the day, was The Jonas Brothers saving grace.  They released a debut album to dismal sales.  Cavallo gave the record a listen and contacted his friends at Hollywood Records and said they need to sign this group now. They took Bob's advice and within a year later, were selling out arena's everywhere and will be playing again with Stevie Wonder later this month.

No word if Nick will be covering any Prince material on the tour but I am dying to hear him try singing P. Control "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" or something.  Um. Just had a vision of how that sounded and looked so I take it back. 

The band will debut on December 2nd for the Grammy Special on CBS and the CD entitled "Who I Am" will debut on Feb. 2nd.-Dr.FB


Video~ Taylor Swift’s SNL Monologue

Here is the monologue of Taylor Swift from Saturday Night Live where she covered the break-up with a Jonas Brother, Kanye West and if she is dating that Taylor guy from Twilight.

It was interesting to say the least.-Dr.FB


Scene & Heard

The stars came out for U2 at the Rose Bowl over the weekend as close to a 100,000 people attended the concert. David Beckham, Demi Moore, Ben Stiller, Kellan Lutz, Colin Farrel, Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt were in attendance.........

Morrissey collapsed onstage at a concert in Swindon, UK and was rushed to the hospital for breathing difficulties. Morrissey has had a few health problems on this tour but I am told he is stable and is OK. I hope so. No word on any other shows getting cancelled or postponed at this time......

The  Jonas Brothers performed at Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic, rocking out their biggest hits after a press conference for the event.....

I got this tip through my cell Saturday afternoon: "Amy Winehouse is serving pints behind bar at Hawley Arms right now!" I did request pics but they were afraid Amy might go after them and start a fight, so they just decided to enjoy their pints and be amazed by what happened. I can't blame them. How cool is that though to show up at a bar and a celeb is behind serving them to you?........

Ivanka Trump got married this weekend to Jared Kushner, who is the publisher of the New York Observer. They were married at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ..........

Katy Perry celebrated her 25th birthday, throwing a white halloween party that saw the likes there such as boyfriend Russell Brand, Tayor Swift and Perez HitlerHilton. With that last name, I guess it was a substandard event. Still, we wish Katy a happy and sexy 25th birthday.

The Hollywood burglar bunch has been caught. Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom were some of the victims......

The mom of the Balloon Boy admitted the whole thing was indeed a hoax. No need to mention their name and give them more time......

A girl that has been missing since attending a Metallica concert had more money put into the search to find her. Metallica has put up 50 Grand to find the missing girl. Hope this helps find her.......



Joe Jonas To Be A Guest Judge On American Idol

Joe Jonas File Photo
Joe Jonas File Photo

Joe Jonas File Photo

I hear that American Idol just got Joe Jonas to be a guest judge on American Idol.  What the what?

They already had Victoria Beckham as a guest judge and as I told you yesterday, Shania Twain is set to be a judge as well, along with Katy Perry and Mary J. Blige. We hear that they are reaching out to Kelly Clarkson, the very first Idol winner and it looks like she is going to accept.

But the big news is Joe Jonas. They  expressed interest on getting the Jonas Brother on the show and it did not take long for him to jump on board.

American Idol has always had guest judges on but seem to be laying on getting more to make up for the absence of Paula Abdul, who is still not signed to a contract.

What do you guys think of the idea of Joe Jonas as a guest judge on American Idol?-Dr.FB


Nick Jonas Continues To Fight Diabetes

Nick Jonas File Photo
Nick Jonas File Photo

Nick Jonas File Photo

Nicks Simple Wins, Nick Jonas's new web site to fight diabetes is now online and the singer has teamed with Bayer.

Nick, who has diabetes has been a proponent for more diabetes care to prevent the disease, has spoken in front of congress and will speak later this month at a National Press Club to talk about his experience with juvenile diabetes.

You can clown the Jonas Brothers all you want, but what Nick is doing is extremely respectable land commendable.-Dr.FB


Is Ashley Tisdale Following A Trend?

Ashley Tisdale's CD Cover Guilty Pleasure.
Ashley Tisdale's CD Cover Guilty Pleasure.

Ashley Tisdale's CD Cover Guilty Pleasure.

It's the same story in Hollywood for decades.  Actor or actress wants to be a singer.  Singer or rapper wants to be an actor. The problem? Many of them are getting their wish.

I haven't listened to Ashley Tisdale's new CD (still bumping the future of 2010, Breakerbox) so I can't judge it. Miley Cyrus can sing so it opened the door for everyone and their sister to get a recording contract and get a CD out there. Demi Lovato on tour with the Jonas Brothers overseas earlier this year. Selena Gomez recording with Forever The Sickest Kids.  Lindsay Lohan had a CD out before too right? Hillary Duff as well?

Yesh. Surprised we haven't had a release from Zac Efron aside from High School Musical stuff.  If Ryan Breadcrust Seacrest gets a record deal, I am out of here.-Dr.FB