Breaking News! Wil I Am Accused Of Assault By Perez Hilton

Wil I am At The Conga Room.  Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images
Wil I am At The Conga Room.  Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images

Wil I am At The Conga Room. Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images



I have to take Wil I am's side on this.  Number 1, because I have met him and is the nicest guy.  There is not a mean bone in his body. Number 2, because the person who he is accusing of assaulting can dish out crap but just can't take it.  This happend at an after party for the Much Music Awards.

The person accusing Wil I am assaulting him? Perez Fricken Hilton.  Gag.  He twittered about it before filing a police report or calling the police.  Total butterballs.

I am in NO way saying it is good to assault anyone even him.  Wil does not mention anything about ever touching him.  All he did was defend Fergie and asked for them not to be mentioned on his site anymore. Sounds fair to me.

Perez says it will not affect posting on his site today. Of course it won't! His sister and mother and the other ghost writer will be writing for him today. Ha.

Update: Wil I Am opened a twitter account because of this:


My twitter acct: https://twitter.com/drfunkenberry

What do you think?-Dr.FB

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Comments (9)
  1. I was watching that video imma be rocking that body. Anybody know what kind of sunglasses will.I.am is wearing . The ones wkith the l.e.d. light reply and let me know please

  2. There’s only one logical way to settle this little dispute: Re-match!

  3. Check the facts. He twittered that wil I am attacked him.

    Only now, 10 hours later is he saying it was his manager.

    Check things before posting dud.

  4. ooohh shut up!!!!!!! go watch his video u idiot!!…. he didn’t say he was assulted by wil.i.am he said he was assulted by his manager… ur just like wil.i.am dumb as f*** lol get a life

  5. Perez is a poser who shouldn’t talk crap on his site if he can’t take it from the celebs when he sees them in person (and from Will’s account, he and Fergie were pretty polite with him). Just ask Kathy Griffin – if you dish it, you better be prepared to take it. Even more unbelievable is Perez calling Will a faggot. Perez is openly gay so his use of this word says more about him than anything in the whole incident.

    Grow up Perez and quit your whining. You’re lucky one of Will’s fans didn’t open up a can of whoop ass on you.

  6. Absolutely believe Will.i.am’s account. Just another example of Perez Hilton drama to hype his fake celebrity. Physical confrontation doesn’t seem to be will.i.am’s thing, he perpetuates his image by rising above that kind of thing, so I believe he walked away. An angry BEP fan confronting Perez for his totally shitty behavior… Yes! I can see that happening too, but that story doesn’t play as well as accusing will.i.am.

  7. Wil is always going to be there for Fergie. Like he said THAT IS HIS SISTER man! I dont know what the F#@* this “perez” fool was thinking.

  8. i read that it was actually their general manager that did it

  9. oh hell no, I’m with Will.i.am on this one!

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