TMZ Gets It Right About Michael Jackson; Perez Hilton Not So Much

When news first broke of Michael Jackson going into cardiac arrest, before the report of his death, we stuck to the story, or to the script so to speak and kept it on a professional level.

TMZ did the same.  No matter how swarmy they can be, it was professional.

As for Perez, not so much.  To see the Post that Perez Hilton took off his site and does not want you to see…..>>>>>>>>>>>

Perez Gets It Wrong And Messes Up Again.

Perez Gets It Wrong And Messes Up Again.

You prove once again you are a monster and are extremely wrong on many levels.  Instead of deleting it, maybe put out a retraction that you were wrong.  There’s a new Doctor in town, he may not have your hits, but he has more credibility than you.-Dr.FB




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