Sony Turns Down Michael Jackson Tribute For Fox Show

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Michael jackson File Photo

Michael Jackson File Photo

Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance" found out that a tribute show they had planned for Michael Jackson will all Michael Jackson numbers has been turned down by Michael's record label Sony.

Nigel Lythgoe, the shows producer, is more than a little peeved. 

"Sony said they would look at it, tell us what tracks you want cleared. Paula Abdul said she wanted to choreograph a few numbers, Wade Robeson (who Michael discovered) and they came back yesterday and said sorry we are not going to clear anything for these types of shows. I don't really know what they meant by these types of shows are but as far as I am concerned Michael puts his music out in a public forum gives his music to the people and for the fans and now they are saying no, you can't use it for a dance show.  It's very upsetting"

Now, was Sony being controlling or did they think that the show was trying to capitilize on his death?  Knowing Nigel, I think he was trying to do a serious dance tribute to Michael Jackson.  They already have Katie Holmes booked in a few weeks for ratings anyway and "So You Think You Can Dance" has been a summer hit again for Fox. 

American Idol got approval this year to do a MJ themed show when he was alive.  One has to wonder what is going on with the control of his music now that he has passed.-Dr.FB

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  1. all of my friends are Michael Jackson fans, we would really miss the King of Pop.

  2. idol is a much bigger show so i guess they could have afford it. its ashame. would have loved to see what paula could have done with this.

  3. MJ made a huge contribution to the world of dance. It’s only fitting that the dancers have a chance to honor him in a tribute just like everyone else. Everyone involved with the show was so excited to do that type of tribute…and I —as a fan of SYTYCD, a fan of MJ, and as a dancer—would have loved to see the show.

    It’s a shame that SONY is being short-sighted.

  4. It’s too early I think. The man hasn’t even been put to rest. The American Idol tribute occurred when he was alive so that’s different… I think now that he’s passed there will be a lot more scrutiny and sensitivity factored into how his music will be used… at least until other matters with his estate have been settled.

    I think SONY made a wise decision in this.

  5. I have mixed feelings on this one — I have not watched the show so I’m not really sure what the platform is — but maybe it is too soon after his death and they want to give the family a little time to cope or they made need some time sort things out with who has final control ??????

  6. Ain’t no telling what’s going on! But I think it would have been cool for them to have been able to honor him in dance! I watch the show, I love to see them doing different types of dances. Thanks 4 the update/info, Dr. FB!

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