Questions & Facts About The Just Released MJ Fire Video

Just a couple of  question for you guys to discuss:

How did that video get released? 

Who released it?

Why wasn't this released back in 1984?

Did you know Michael Jackson settled this quickly for 1.5 Million and gave the money to charity?

Did you know Michael could have taken Pepsi to the cleaners for this but did not?

Was this the beginning of the end for MJ?

How sad is this video?

Wasn't this injury downplayed by the media back then and recently?

PLEASE share your thoughts.  Thank you.-Dr.FB

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  1. 1.Somebone probably got paid pretty handsomely for giving up that video!
    2.Who knows?And what was “THEIR” agenda in doing so?
    3.I imagine damage control on Pepsi’s part!Doesn’t look too good to light up the KING OF POP!Bad PR.But I also would think it was part of the settlement as well.
    4.I did not know what sort of settlement he had recieved if any!Well of course the press would not tell you that!They like to report the negative!
    5.Hell to the yes he could have!But those of us who truly could see Michael’s soul know that he would never do that regardless of his own pain and suffering.
    6.His emotional and physical abuse by the hands of his father at the begining of his life was the end for Michael!He never had a chance!If people possibly had more empathy they would understand.All of the other events that Michael had to face just compiled on top of his already existing pain & anguish.
    7.The video is very sad and even more so to think it was released because someone wanted to CASH IN!
    8.Downplayed?Well of course!Couldn’t make it seem like Michael was a normal human being who had experienced an awful accident!Not the picture that the media etc wanted to paint.Buzzards!

    My heart always went out to Michael and still does to this day!I only wish people would have taken more time to see “the person” that was Michael.If you look at many pictures of him he was always happy to sign items for his fans or to take a photo.A very gracious,giving person. The media should have shown the other side of Michael.Like in the videos on youtube-the funniest Michael Jackson moments.The sort of things they show people when it is too late!RIP Michael

  2. Why wasn’t this released back in 1984?

    Maybe Michael did want footage of his injuries to be released [I wouldn’t want everyone to see that happening to me] OR maybe it was part of the deal for settling for 15 million on Pepsi’s part.

    Did you know Michael Jackson settled this quickly for 1.5 Million and gave the money to charity?

    I did not know this, but I’m not surprised and I’m glad he gave the money to charity. Also, I AM surprised no one tried to get more money from the company.

    Was this the beginning of the end for MJ?

    Well, if this is where the pain killers came in, then yes.

    Wasn’t this injury downplayed by the media back then and recently?

    I don’t think anyone could really fathom what had happened without seeing it for what it was or unless they’ve been severely burnt themselves. I mean, we know it had to hurt and that it was very unfortunate, but again, seeing it made it more fathomable.

  3. Unbelievalbe footage. Sad to see what this commercial did to him…Shocking indeed. When exactly did he start to bleach the skin?

    I am shocked about doctors…for real. They need to be sorted out sooner than soon. RIP MJ.

  4. The beginning of the end for MJ was the child abuse from his father, not the alleged drugs. His horrifying accident triggered an affinity for prescription meds that not only quelled his physical pain, but his unresolved emotional pain from the abuse. My guess is that the abuse, then the 3rd degree burns, triggered PTSD. Come to think of it, it would explain a lot of his unusual behavior. Without the childhood abuse, I doubt he would have gotten hooked on the meds. Some abuse is very difficult to heal from, especially when the father still denies he was abusive. For some, drugs then unfortunately become the only way to make it through the day.

    I wish the conversation about this poor soul would shift from possible drug abuse, to the obvious child abuse he experienced. That’s what killed him. “Annie are you OK? I don’t know.” “Have you seen my childhood?”

  5. I find it super sad. Because for a minute, it looks like he has no idea it’s happening. I realize I work in the media – but we need to let the brother rest already.

  6. Considering that MJ was a humanitarian, it does not surprise me at all that all the money went to charity.

    I am not really surprised now at this video coming out or any of the other things that have been said since he passed away. People are scum.

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