Terrell Owens Loves Him Some Naked Him

Terrell Owens Promo Photo.  Photo: VH1.com
Terrell Owens Promo Photo.  Photo: VH1.com

Terrell Owens Promo Photo. Photo: VH1.com

"I love me some me" T.O. has proclaimed before.  Now, he has the photo to prove it.  This is a promo photo for the VH1 Reality show "The T.O. Show" and um OK there T.O.

1st Bruno, Now T.O. Just how much more male nudity can you all take?  Are you digging it?-Dr.FB

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  1. Give him my email address so we can take one of those together!!!!

  2. Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark it and take the feeds also…

  3. UMMMMM…HUHHHHHH Me LUVVVVVVVVVS that T.O. Me LUV him loooong Time!

  4. I know I ain’t mad at him! :-)))

  5. Well…His Body… Kinda yummy.. Yeah Yummy.

  6. ^ Don’t forget elevenses, brunch and supper! YUM

  7. There’s NEVER too much male nudity. I say, the more the merrier! As for T.O., GOT DAYUM!!! My mind is racing right now! He needs to stand up from that pose and then turn around!!! He looks like Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner wrapped up in one! Owwww!

  8. Goooood Morning! I love a treat for breakfast.

  9. Not very familar with this dude — I hope he gets what he wants from his reality show — maybe he thinks by posing nude he will get more viewers ??? not sure

  10. well DAYUM!

  11. Conceited T.O.? Nice bod….betta than stupido Sasha/Borat/Bruno…

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