Some Questions For All Of You….

How is everyone doing? 

Any plans for the weekend?

Is it hot or cold by you?

What is more important to you: career? respect? love? family? sex? money?

Only pick the ones you want to answer.

Much Love to all of you and I hope you things are better for you and you are going to have a great weekend.-Dr.FB

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  1. !. Thanks for asking! Doing pretty well…hoooolliday:)

    2. Relax…(and pretend I’m in Montreux).

    3. Hot!

    4. Respect, love, sex, money…

    I wish you a great weekend too, Dr:)

  2. 1. I’m fine, but wish I could be doing something. I’ve been ridiculously bored/zoned out for the past week or two.

    2. IHOP for breakfast. Highlight of my week.

    3. It’s hot, but I don’t mind.

    4. Family

  3. I’m doing well, thank u for asking
    It’s HOT in my neck of the woods
    family,health, friends, faith are most important to me.
    Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)

  4. read all the comments so far and thought….what a nice bunch of people from all over the world. I’m in Los Angeles….it’s hot…but it’s good to be alive…still thinking about MJ and all….have a good weekend…worldwide. Thanks Doc!

  5. I am thankful for the family and friends that God has placed in my life. My health is good.

  6. and must add health and faith to that!

  7. 1. doing fine gracias a dios

    2. hang with my hubby and babies who are back from their mini beach vacay while i had to work

    3. it`s winter in chile therefore cccooolllddddd

    4.in order for me: love, family, sex, respect, career

    idem (ditto) for you doc. un beso y abrazo, que tengas buen fin de semana!

  8. correction the weather is turning up, the sun decided to make an appearance. LOL

  9. ~I am feelin a good it’s a new dawn
    ~I may go to a Prince Party tonite, then I am working Saturday and Sunday, cleaning my place, running errands
    ~Very cool, a bit of misty rain, cloudy and I feel a storm a commin Sunday should be sweet according to Dude Weather LOL
    ~I value all of theose qualities as well as faith in GOD

    Right now I am focused on LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER

  10. 1. I’m well, and I hope u are as well.

    2.Plans for the weekend include watching the watchmen motion comic, and harry potter series on blu ray.

    3. Its actually fall like weather here, so the kids can play outside!

    4. The career will bring u $, $ will lead to respect, and will help u find sex, which could turn into Love and Family, so it all comes down to the career, but sex and $ are more fun.

  11. It’s been rough
    Just hoping for peace of mind, that all
    Not all that hot here
    Hanging on to GOD is all I can say

  12. It’s officially 69 degrees. I have a horrid hangover and really just want to pull my brain out of my ear. Love and God. Working this weekend… which blows chunks.

    <3 u though!

  13. 1. I’m Cool

    2. My Birthday is on Sunday so I’ll be out to dinner somewhere

    3. It’s Africa HOT!

    4. Love & Family

  14. 1. Doing good
    2. Shopping
    3. Hot, but it could be worst.
    4. God, Family, Love, Respect, Career, Money, in that order.

    Hope u have a Funky Weekend too!

  15. 1. I’m fine. 2. Quad(wheelchair) Rugby Tournament. 3. Hot hot hot. 4. None of the above. To me faith in God is most important.

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