Lady Gaga Is One Sick Frog

Lady Gaga Goes Froggy.  Photo: FamePictures.com
Lady Gaga Goes Froggy.  Photo: FamePictures.com

Lady Gaga Goes Froggy. Photo: FamePictures.com

“My friends and I in New York dress this way because it’s the way we live,” Lady Gaga says. 

Sorry honey, no one dresses like that in New York unless you are doing some crazy drugs.  An outfit made of Kermit dolls?  All it does is make you look crazy and look like Miss Piggy.

“You don’t need money to live the way I live. All you need is a good idea and creativity.” she says.

You do need money, honey, to buy something like that which I bet was overpriced.

Can someone please tell me what this chick is thinking? Seriously.-Dr.FB

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  1. I think she is fugly, & knows it, and does whatever she can to distract attention from her ugly face!

  2. I’d say she’s having probs coping with her fame and is developing serious mental health issues

  3. You would think that she would be more concerned with her music but it seems she enjoys the attention more for her attire.I could care less about either from her!NEXT!

  4. She’s thinking she dresses like that & you cover it. And she’s thinking right. Gaga is brilliant. Of all the people out there trying to get coverage she’s succeeding. She has good instincts.

  5. She NOT thinking!

  6. She’s a complete idiot. All of her attempts at getting attention, whether it’s good or bad, MAKE ME IGNORE HER. I’m not the fool who falls for her CRAP. I don’t care how good her music {supposedly} is, and from what I’ve heard, it’s GARBAGE. Slam me on comments all you want but she’s a jackass and anybody who worships her is too.

    Michael Jackson was considered a freak and dies too soon, but this Lady Gaga piece of crap is the hottest thing going right now???


  7. I believe she’s said on a few times that her goal is not to be sexy, but to be weird. she wants people to look at her and not sure what to feel, but to feel slightly uncomfortable. least that’s what I remember from a PH article a few months back around the time of the tea cup.

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