Nadya Suleman

Video: A Comment About OctoPussy’s TV Show

This is heavenly funny. It is not Wendy who makes the comment but a lady in the audience and it is one of those moments where you are glad she said it and not you!  Classic! True or not?-Dr.FB

Octomom Offered Porn Role

  And now, your  “WTF???” Post of the Day. DISCLAIMER: Dr. Funkenberry is not liable to pay for any damages to computer equipment, including laptops, monitors, and keyboards, caused by projectile spewing of coffee, soda, lunch, or liquids of any kind upon reading the following story. Reader takes all responsibility for any adverse effects, including […]

Doctor, Doctor! From Octuplets To Quadruplets

Unreal.  Unfrickenreal.  The doctor who made sure that Nadya Suleman would be a household name with octuplets has done it again! Dr. Michael Kamrava (bonehead of 2009) transferred seven embryos into a woman who was around 49 years old.  This person is 5 months pregnant.  They are concerned about Kamrava’s practice and if there should […]

Octuplets Mother Nadya Suleman NBC Interview Photo

Here are some highlights lowlights from the NBC Interview: For seven years beginning in her teens, Nadya Suleman tried to have a baby. She suffered three miscarriages. She tried artificial insemination and fertility drugs, to no avail. By 2000, a back injury and her inability to bear children had sent her into a deep depression, in […]