Romo Dumped The Bank When He Dumped Jessica

Romo/Simpson File Photo

Romo/Simpson File Photo

The Insider is reporting that Tony Romo may have made a bad move financially when breaking up with Jessica Simpson. It’s not really money that broke them up and if he stayed with her for the money, he would be lamo Romo.

Tony Romo makes about 67.5 million over 5 years and a $10 million dollar endorsement deal over 5 years. Jessica Simpson made $20 million last year and…get this…another $400 million off of endorsement deals and clothing lines and perfume.  Well damn.  That kind of makes me forget about that lame country album she put out.

So I guess Jessica Simpson has a lot of green to wipe her tears with for now. She is working out and getting in shape to not think of  Tony. Romo starts training camp for the Dallas Cowboys within hours. Something tells me isn’t worried about the money either. BTW, Forbes searched for this info.  Lame.-Dr.FB



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