Over? Keane Confirming Breaking Up After “Best Of” Album Release

Keane has confirmed they are breaking up after the “Best Of” album comes out next month. They plan on working on their own projects in the future. The announcement was made to the Sun by Tom Chaplin and Tim Rice-Oxley. Tom will be releasing his own solo album while Tim will produce other artists. The […]

Jonas Brothers Cancel Tour; Band Break Up Possible; Do We Care?

The Jonas Brothers have cancelled their 19 date tour as a rift in the band is taking place over the direction the band should take. The problem is…do we still care about the Jonas Brothers? Cue the first comment to say “We never cared”…. The group’s spokesperson released this statement: “There is a deep rift […]

The Spice Girls: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Wait. Didn’t this already happen? After a musical and then announcing they would be touring in 2014, only to have Victoria “Posh” Spice back out, then thinking of having a reality show with the remaining members to replace Posh, the Spice Girls have decided to just call it quits. It seems every Spice Girl seems […]

It Must Have Been “Summer Love” As John Mayer & Katy Perry Break Up

Well, that was shorter than a Kim Kardashian marriage! John Mayer and Katy Perry have officially broken up as Katy was starting to fall for him. The story has been confirmed by and it appears the break up was mutual. Katy was seen out with friend in West Hollywood Thursday night and John was chatting […]

Video: Seal Talks Exclusively To Tavis Smiley About Divorce

Seal talked candidly about the news of Heidi Klum divorcing him with Tavis Smiley today.  Seal said “the break-up will not be nasty as they are not those kind of people” to Tavis. The way Tavis has conducted himself over the years and interviewing and knowing Seal helped him be able to ask the question […]