Saved By The Bell Reunion…But Not Really?

Saved By The Bell Reunion? Photo:

Saved By The Bell Reunion? Photo:

Saved By The Bell made the cover of People Magazine this week with a reunion special. See what I mean by Hollywood clamping down on hot stories til after MJ’s autopsy?

The “Saved” reunion isn’t really a reunion as Screech’s whack ass was not involved or Mr. Belding. I could care less about Screech and I am not even going to try to remember his douchey name in real life.  Mr. Belding however, Dennis Haskins does deserve to be part of the People reunion.

They should make a Saved By The bell Reunion without Screech (If Tiffany-Amber can stop holding out) and make it like Screech got killed or something and just move on.  Then Lisa Turtle can actually meet a real man.

So, Thanks for the filler People Magazine. We understand why you are doing it and at least you picked a good subject.-Dr.FB



  • LexAve456
    Posted at 14:28h, 30 July

    Wow, this is exciting! It’s like yesterday that I was watching Save By The Bell every Saturday. Such a great show and Im happy to see that they’ve reunited. I won’t lie, we need Screech. He was as huge as everyone else with the show. Great stuff and I will pick up People to read the story.

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