Video: Lady Gaga’s VMA Performance Of Paparazzi

Lady Gaga killed it at the MTV Awards and we are not talking about all the blood at the end of the performance. This is why I put up with all her weird outfits. She can sing LIVE and she brought it last night. It was modern-day opera at it's best.

She was def channeling Prince with that whole leg on the piano while playing and that outfit she wore later in the show.

What do you guys think?-Dr.FB

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  1. She is superb in what she did and she even gave a shout out to the gays. Mwah.

  2. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

  3. …..Wow…..

  4. 2 words bout lady gaga…Panty Hose!!

    She never disappoints! Sure she’s eccentric, sure she’s over the top, but wasn’t Prince back in his day too? She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing, and she’s doing it well!! I am now going to give her cd a listen and give her a chance!! She was HOT! Last Night!!!

  5. Okay…..Im not fond of Lady Gaga but that was a tripped out performance. I’ll give it to her there. I musta dosed off last night i missed that!!

  6. I’ve never really been into her music, but it did find that performance very fascinating.

  7. I loved Lady Gaga’s performance as well…she makes performance art look like child’s play! I too also thought of Prince with her leg up AND Tora Tora with the red lace covering her face….she is definitely unique in all aspects of the word!!

  8. Yeah I thought PRINCE for sure with the leg up on the piano and the Tora Tora-esque outfit later in the show. Next thing you know, she’ll be whispering answers to interview questions to an assistant to vocalize for her. LOL!!!

  9. That song sucks.

  10. I love that LG can play AND sing…and that she’s not all theatrics…even tho the theatrics are a treat.

    She scares me a little. But I suppose thats part of the intrigue.

  11. Was she really playing that piano??? Now come on.

  12. i loved LG’s performance last night. the theatrics definitely made me want to go to one of her concerts.

    aaand i thought P too with the piano/leg thing.

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