Video: Tamar Davis “Heartbeat”

Here is the new video of Tamar Davis, who was nominated for a couple of Grammy's with Prince's 3121 CD 3 years ago for the song "Beautiful, Loved, & Blessed."

I hear she has a gig in Houston this weekend but not sure about further details. What do you think of the song and video?-Dr.FB

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  1. I have liked Tamar since 3121. Have looked for her advertised album to no avail. Three years on and her singing is still pleasing to the ear.
    ‘nuf said

  2. The song suits Tamar better than anything on Milk & Honey, love the guiter work. Although the tune reeks Let me Love You by Mario somewhat… Tamar, show him what you can do, finally!

  3. Sorry, not feeling this song nor video. Tamar is still searching .

  4. Wow!.. She really is beautiful. ;)

  5. I agree with brechten, there were other songs much stronger than this one. But she looks and songs great, glad to see her still moving 4wards. And that’s the guy who played in the Tyler Perry’s play “Marriage Counselor”, with her.

  6. good song nice guitar work at the end … the song is age appropriate for her yes Milk& Honey had nice songs but imo the material was too old for her
    she needs to capture a range of ears. Milk & Honey wouldn’t do that for her
    quiet storm days on the radio are over .

  7. I like it — It’s good to see/hear Tamar again.

  8. Love it love it love it! Great song to showcase Tamar. She sounds great, looks gorgeous. I hope this does well for her.

    The video’s not bad. Give him another chance, Tamar. He’s one fine doctor!!! LOL

  9. I watched it again and the video doesn’t really match the words in the song…imo

  10. sorry i really don’t like the ending….it seems like all through the video he was the one being patient and she was taking him for granted…and then she can’t even wait for him to get there she just leaves……I dunno kind of a selfish take on relationships really….

  11. I think it’s cool for her, not bad at all… The video is equally as nice, i don’t understand the cropping of the video, why can’t we see her entire legs? Cutting her off at the calves, well… elongate those legs and show those pumps. ;)

    You’re wished well Tamar, “All I Want is U” is still on my playlist.

  12. i think it’s an ok song..but there stuff on milk and honey that’s better…

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