Prince Ordered To Pay $4 Million Over Funky Smell

Prince 3121 Perfume. Revelations.com
Prince 3121 Perfume. Revelations.com

Prince 3121 Perfume. Revelations.com

Ahhh. The smell of celebrity perfume...and the lingering lawsuits that follow.  Prince's 3121 scent distributed by Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics left them with a funny smell.  So much so they sued the music superstar and Prince is being requested to pay close to $4 million dollars for damages.

Why was Prince requested and not ordered to pay $4 million?  Read More>>>>


Video: Amy Winehouse Performing With Prince “Love Is A Losing Game”

Here is video footage (not the best) of Amy Winehouse performing "Love Is A Losing Game" with Prince on guitar back in 2007 at the Indigio Club in London. 

Prince recorded a version of "Love Is A Losing Game" with Andy Allo over the weekend that you can hear right HERE.

If anyone has any better footage of this performance, let us know as we would like to share it. 

Musically, this performance rocks.  We hope you enjoy it as it is now music history and can never happen again.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Our Favorite Guitar Player


Unreleased PRINCE Movie Trailer Leaks!~

So around the time PRINCE was making 3121: The Music, he was also making 3121: The Movie.....which never saw the light of day.....until now. 

It's on Cameron Pearce's page although a majority of the movie was shot by Sanna Hamri.

The movie was renamed "Lotus Flower" and was to be released on the website LotusFlow3r.com back in April of 2009.  Before the site went live however, the movie was taken off the site.

The Doc saw something close to the final cut before, but the footage of the song "Guitar" was added along with a different shot of the video "3121" and added were the shots of him walking the streets of Los Angeles.

You tired of me talking n want to see the trailer?

Click HERE!

Click HERE!

Click HERE!

Let me know what you think...before it disappears.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Something 4 the Die hards.....


Video: Tamar Davis “Heartbeat”

Here is the new video of Tamar Davis, who was nominated for a couple of Grammy's with Prince's 3121 CD 3 years ago for the song "Beautiful, Loved, & Blessed."

I hear she has a gig in Houston this weekend but not sure about further details. What do you think of the song and video?-Dr.FB