Video: Mariah Carey Performs On Oprah

Here is Mariah Carey performing on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  It is her new song, the cover of the Foreigner classic "I Want To Know What Love Is" backed with a choir.

I am love love loving her curls. Reminds me of her of 1990 when she debuted. Wow. Almost 20 years in the business. Still hitting that crazy booty high note.

So, are you all feeling it or not? Let me know.-Dr.FB

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  1. Well it looks like Mariah can still still outside of the studio…my faith in her voice has been restored…..loved it……also ummm…..is she preggers? she looks a little thick there….

  2. Wow she really knows how to bastardize a song with all that dog whistling. Did anyone notice halfway she was flat? All this coming from “I Am Pitch Perfect”. She needs to stop drinking or shes going to end up like Whitney with wrecked vocal chords.

  3. The song is good. This version is so commercial, her voice is so treated by computer and i dont like her attitude at all.
    And why fat people carry always tight closes???

  4. Mariah still looks the same.

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