Gaga & Glambert Hook Up

Lady GaGa Is Always On Time. Photo :Flynetonline.com
Lady GaGa Is Always On Time. Photo :Flynetonline.com

Lady GaGa Is Always On Time. Photo :Flynetonline.com

The fans asked for it and they got it. Lady Gaga & Adam Lambert have been recording together.

No word yet if it will appear on Lambert's CD, but all signs point to yes. I doubt it will be on Gaga's Fame Monster set. Lambert is still recording stuff for his CD due out next month.

Are you all looking forward to a Glambert & Gaga duet?-Dr.FB

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  1. As a Beginner, I am at all times looking out on-line for articles that may help me get further ahead.

  2. I wanna “team up” with gaga too!! Dammit! This is 1 of my fave pics of her, too sexay!!

  3. I think that this will be interesting — I am not a fan of American Idol and don’t know much about Adam Lambert but I did see/haer a clip of the song that he did for the movie 2012 and I can see him having some commercial success and with him teaming up with Gaga it will be cool for the fans.

  4. He should enjoy it while it lasts.

  5. LOVE IT!

    I was hoping this would happen, knew that it would, but just not so soon =]

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