Video: Whitney Houston On X-Factor

Here is Whitney Houston performing "Million Dollar Bill" and she really did almost sing herself out of her dress!

Almost a wardrobe malfunction! Check it out.-Dr.FB

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  1. I really could not get into this performance — I wish she would have made a different song choice — she looked nice.

  2. She had an amazing voice. I think the drugs killed it, she can’t hit the notes like she use to.

  3. Er voice was so bad, she cant breath, the back singers did the job. She look stoned from her life. Her make up look great, but that was all. When u look trought it, u c this poor women.
    I am very sorry 4 her. I am chocked 2 c her like this.

  4. GLAD 2 C HER LOOKING GREAT & sounding great! hope she will keep it up!
    maybe the dress was one size 2 small ;0) but who cares! she has an amazin voice, maybe dress falling off would have been a little 2 much of a comeback ;0)

  5. She looked great and was a great performance. That dress wasn’t going anywhere, thank God for the over the shoulder straps!

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