Million Dollar Bill

Video: Whitney Houston On X-Factor

Here is Whitney Houston performing “Million Dollar Bill” and she really did almost sing herself out of her dress! Almost a wardrobe malfunction! Check it out.-Dr.FB

Video: Whitney Houston’s “Million Dollar Bill”

Here is the new single from Whitney Houston’s Number 1 CD, “I Look To You” and it is hot! The song was written by Alicia Keys and for some reason we could totally hear Miss Keys singing it. Regardless, I am feeling it. What about you?-Dr.FB

Whitney Houston’s New York Listening Party

9 of the 11 new Whiteny Houston tracks were played in New York last night at the Lincoln Center.  It appears Whitney may just be back. Alicia Keys was there as she wrote a track for Whitney called “Million Dollar Bill” that we here is straight fire.  There is also 2 tracks on the new CD […]