Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” Remix

Michael Jackson Early 80's File Photo
Michael Jackson Early 80's File Photo

Michael Jackson Early 80's File Photo

Here is a remix of the Michael Jackson classic "Human Nature done by friend of the site Howie T., a DJ for the club out here Avalon/Bardot.

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I like it. It is not over the top. It sticks to the original beat and ads elements. What do you think?-Dr.FB

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  2. Good Job Howie T !!! … I like it … thanks doc for sharing.

  3. It’s hot shit and I’m an MJ fan. And I mean a real fan who actually knew what he was doing and where he was 3 months before he died and not all this jump on the bandwagon bullshit.

  4. Sweet. like someone said, mix doesn’t overshadow the orignal.

  5. The remix is cool, “Human Nature” is one of my favs. It’s whole lot better than that remix album they selling.

  6. I love it! Usually i hate remixes, but this one is close to the original.
    Can’t wait to see the documentary … eight more days!

  7. Is that the “Chubb Rock”, “Salt n Peppa” Howie T?

  8. ZZZ
    How hard could it get to sample 4 bars from SWV`s “Right here” and put it over Jacksons Human Nature. Old news

  9. This is pretty cool. It just sounds ‘updated’, as opposed to completely remixed. It leaves in a lot of the original elements that make the song great. Unlike that abysmal Hip-Hop MJ remix album that came out recently.

  10. The beat sounds pretty much like it’s swiped from the SWV “Right Here” Human Nature remix. It’s aight.

  11. is nice… (and nice that it’s for a club)
    but, yeah.. some songs – classics – just don’t *need* a remix 😉

  12. I like it….but I still love the original version more..the original version is a classic…

  13. It’s awight Doc! Thanks! I like it in the fist couple bars. A remix with taste.

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