We Are Getting To Know Orianthi!

Here is a new piece on Orianthi, whose debut CD comes out this Monday, October 26th.

She talks about her music, how she got to where she is at, and even Michael Jackson, who she was to play with on the "This Is It" tour.

Also, we will be interviewing Orianthi later today. Thanks again to our on call nurse/doctor for being able to provide the interview for us.

Well, check out the video and let me know what you think!-Dr.FB

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  1. Girls got mad skillz.
    Saw her in THIS IS IT last night…
    and was IMPRESSED.

    Watch out for this chica… She’s HOT….”like soup” right, Doc??

  2. She has skills … I hope her album does well.

  3. It must be so cool to play a guitar like that …

  4. She seems to be a sweetheart is all I can say
    Thanks for posting

  5. i saw orianthis performence last night and she was amazing i got to talk to her for a bit too and shes a total swettie with a adorable austarailan accent . il definitly be picking up her cd monday

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