Video: Lenny Kravitz Gets Lost

The many adventures when LK & MB get lost. 

Lenny Kravitz is too funny. Thanks to the Candy T Man for filming it.-Dr.FB

(iPhone movie by Mathieu Bitton)

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  1. It was quite fun and that’s Candy T Man ! Ain’t me without the Tangerine. More to come. Filmed some in Nashville. Thanks and glad everyone liked it.

  2. He is so freakin cute!Funny how the people were told he was suppose to be on stage and they were like” oh sorry…can you take our picture now?!”lmao He could have said yeah if you help get me to where I need to be!lol I am sure that this happens to many artists,celebrities throughout their careers.Luckily some realize that it happens and to just roll with the punches.Thanks for sharing

  3. lol too funny….now if that was kanye west..he wouldn’t have been as gracious about not being able to get the the stage..he would have torn that casino up!

    I love Lenny!

  4. LOL … Candy Man should have kept the camera rolling when the show started . … I wish I could have been there.

  5. Awwwwwe, how cute.

  6. This is from 2003 right? Oh what? I see, same ole Lenny, riiiight.

  7. Lenny Kravitz is cool. He’s fine and not afraid to laugh at himself. Somebody should have taken him to the stage! Funny.

  8. Haha ;) this is a nice way to start my day.. Dont you just wanna cuddle him all day.. So funny and sweet.

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